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“There is no such thing as the last word in history. There is always scope for debate in the reading of history which is never static.”

~ Tony Martin

History Today, April 1997

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Ben, Orem, UT


J Carlton, Calgary

For a more accurate look at American history and Empire building try "A Century of War" by John Denson. - - They don't teach this historically accurate analysis in school, I'll tell you that!

jim k, austin

I tink it was Napoleon who said, "The Winners Write the History".

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Anonymous    9/16/09

Hisory is in the making today ... and being adjusted as we speak. J Carlton - thanks for a good website, worth the time ...

zeitgeist, la crescenta, ca

forgot my moniker ...

Waffler, Smith

Losers write history also but most people take little interest in losers so they just don't read them. In a nation and world of free press anyone can write anything.


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