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“No man escapes
When freedom fails,
The best men rot in filthy jails;
And they who cried: “Appease, Appease!”
Are hanged by men they tried to please.”

~ Hiram Mann

28 March 1947, Wall Street Journal, Letters to the Editor, Hiram Mann, New York City

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Dude, L.A.
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Dude, L.A.    1/29/05

Some things just cannot be compromised.

dan francis, spokane valley

I heard Jordan Maxwell use this quote. Wow, says so much and is so deep in so few words. One of my favorite quotes!

W. B. Prince, N. Myrtle Beach, SC

Actual quote is word "escapes" not "survives."

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donna    9/13/09
Gene Scalf, Colorado Springs

This poem has been in my mind since high-school (1950). I think of it often as I am watching the reality of it happening today (2012). In 1953 I offered my life to protect my country and I would do it again. What is currently happening is the slow demise of the country I love and I am helpless to do anything to save it. Our freedom is in the hands of men who are extremely selfish and greedy. WE need to make some changes; and I'm not so sure the men running for office are any different than those that are ruining our country now. God help us! Gene Scalf.

E.J.S., P.H. Michigan

Very wise man.

Jose Bessa, Southampton, UK.

I thank God every day for President Trump, Vice President Pence, their families, and all who sacrifice so much for our freedoms. May God protect and preserve them.

SMK, Austin, Texas

A timely quote today when freedom and our free press are under attack by Mssrs. Trump and Pence. They have never had to sacrifice much, and have contempt for those who have. Our wonderful democracy is swiftly becoming an oligarchy. Sadly, these forces of darkness have far too many appeasers.

johnny mac, colorado

i think that any body who thinks we were suppose to be a democracy or believes we are, needs to stay home and play with themselves and not vote.

Jay, Hancock ME

It's incorrect. The original text is "No man escapes..." Here.

Editor, Liberty Quotes

Thanks, Jay.  We've made the correction.  Cheers.

Howard Romano, Bangkok
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Howard Romano, Bangkok SMK, Austin, Texas 6/20/18

Sadly, there is no such thing as a wonderful democracy.  The US was not founded as a democracy.  Democracy is probably the worst form of government devised by man, nothing more than mob rule.  Or, as Benjamin Franklin stated: "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what's for dinner.  Liberty is a well armed lamb."  As for swiftly becoming an oligarchy, that's ludicrous.  It's been an oligarchy for more than a hundred years.

Pony, Rolling Meadows, IL

And here we sit, some 15 years after the original post.

Times are rough, and look like they're going to get worse.


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