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“It is in the American interest to put an end to Nationhood. That is the goal in global government. America must get out of the United Nations or our sovereign Republic will not survive.”

~ Walt Rustow

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DougMcr8, Springfield, VA

This is not about Liberty. This is about Communism.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Bingo, to bring governance with the same benefits to the entire world, as a single governing body... to celebrate our single species with a single world wide governance. Nationhood is doomed to end just as city-states have.

Phillip R. Melton, Turon, Ks (FOB Normandy, Iraq)

Putting an end to Nationhood is just the same as putting an end to Individuality. Anyone that would endorse such an idea is admitting that they believe there is a superior race and that everyone through out the world should be brought to their level. In other words, they are no better than Adolf Hitler.

Bruce, 'Bama

The American Nation put an end (or at least started the process) to religion, race, and ethnicity, and cultural difference, as a rallying point around which to thawrt brotherhood. Nationalism has been defined by some as a disease. Some have told me that Americans have no pride in these things "religion, race, ethnicity, culture". They think this because we are such a hodge-podge My answer "our pride and commonality is in the sentiments" of our founding documents. Religious, racial, ethinc, and cultural diversity, brotherhood and respect within a world at peace. There is an idea. (Sounds like a Democratic Party National Convention)

James Carlton, Calgary, Ab

One world government isn't about "uniting". It isn't about "freedom" It isn't about "liberty". It IS about "control". It IS about "slavery". It IS about "power". Fight this with everything you have.

Dave Wilber, St. Louis

It is in the American interest to put an end to traitors like Walt Rustow and all others of his ilk.

Mike, Norwalk

DougMcr8, Phillip, and James all said well and I agree. Bruce, you had me going with great big up and down head nods until your (...).

E Archer, NYC

The Soviets put an end to nationhood for the States it encompassed -- look what happened. The Chinese did the same. Hitler tried. Look where it got them. Most folks on this list and in the world know relatively nothing about wealth, power, and the ruling class. That is why we should heed the words of the Founders who were at the highest levels and managed to break free from British rule (who were also aiming to put an end to nationhood -- the other nations, that is). There are a great many walls to tear down, but to remove 'nationhood' from the world is to end the concept of my backyard and yours -- it is absolute Totalitarianism.

Bruce, 'Bama

Yeah, Mike the (....) was gratuitous BS. I was just thinking you know about the Big Tent concept versus a more narrow minded approach to things. What is a bigger tent than the world as a whole.

Ken, Allyn, WA

If we ever end up living under a world government we'll all be equal in our misery and most likely we'll be living in tents as well (at least those who are allowed to live).

Bruce, 'Bama

Ken I would not be surprised if many throughout the world consider the United States of America to already be a world government. What with member states as far away from the capital city as Hawaii and Alaska, military installations all over the world. The Nations ability to go anywhere in the world in a short time to exert its foreign policy. But even more so due to its moral and benevolent leadership.

Ken, Allyn, WA

I wouldn't be surprised either. I think we are already dangerously close to universal control of our every daily act no matter where we go. When government can regulate our toilet flushes there simply is not much further to go. But at least I can still smuggle a good toilet from Canada.

E Archer, NYC

The US is not the world government (it is just a tool of world government) nor is it moral or benevolent. It is just that kind of rhetoric which helps to justify the atrocities committed worldwide. The same argument can be made by the Catholic Church and the former empire of Rome. What an example of serious collectivist brainwashing. Next you'll tell us that our taxes pay for necessary government services... LOL

Bruce, "Bama

How do you classify the rebuilding of Europe and Japan after the Big War. I served in Korea Archer, my Korean office secretary told me how appreciative she was of American benevolence. You stated you never served and I was no brave hero myself, I worked in an office for 3 1/2 years but did my duty. If you had ever served or just observe what foreigners think of American sacrifice of body and soul, such as the "suicidal" marine charges at Belleau Woods (which however won the day and absolutely amazed the chicken s*** French) and on the beaches of Normandy you might come to understand what American idealism and benevolence has wrought. As far as world "government" the rich, the corporations, and many international organizations are already well ahead of politicians and the rest of us "little people" in being a de facto world government already. Maybe benevolence is the wrong word because benefits come back to our nation and society from what we have done. Maybe that is what Mr Rustow means when he says "it is in our interest". What would Europe and Japan be like today if we had retreated into pre WWII isolationism and just let them rot and figure it out for themselves. As far as vocabulary you could do much better by refraining from words like "collectivist, fascism, statism" and tell us what you are trying to say. What do YOU call the propensity of the haves (Europeans and Americans through numerous privatie organizations) to go all over the world to help the have nots. I do not know why you choose to live in such a place as this; not to worry there are millions willing and striving to come here and take your place.

E Archer, NYC

Bruce, your views do not surprise me as you have received the full brunt of mind controlling propaganda from your government schooling and military indoctrination. America was suckered into the wars you mention for many purposes -- most of which was giving up our own sovereignty and independence so that we could transfer the nation's wealth to the coffers of the internationalist bankers who started these wars in the first place. I have lived all over the world -- not just visited, and not under a government order -- and you might be surprised to hear that the US government is not exactly loved -- and with good reason (I know it is fashionable for Americans to berate the French, but if it weren't for them, we would not have won the Revolutionary War.) I serve my country by defending the principles upon which it was founded, and it is for those reasons I will pick up a weapon and gladly fight for my country if need be. The glory of war does not interest me, and the fact that after each war, the nation is that much poorer and in debt only goes to show the real intents of those that started them. By keeping Americans under a constant state of emergency since 1934, we have been living under executive arbitrary rule. FDR did more to bring socialism to America than any president before him -- and we nearly got a fascist dictatorship out of it. And it ain't over yet. If you don't know the meanings of socialism, fascism, statism, and collectivism, look them up in a dictionary and tell me what political ideology the American people are supporting today. Drug lords in Columbia are loved, too, for their benevolence to the towns they control -- that doesn't make their wars any more just.

Bruce, 'Bama

I still can't understand why you live here? I love the French, I am just stating a fact about WWI and Belleau Woods, they were wishy washy and are guys threw themselves at the enemy. There was a significant difference in attitude, espirt de corps etcetera. There has always been with American fighting men, and it comes from their idealism (or as you would have it from a magnifient propaganda machine)and therefore their benevolence toward their comrades (normally a communist term but also used among soldiers) units, and nation. That is the essential ingredient to the Americans vaunted command and control system which makes for military success. WE WERE NOT TALKING ABOUT THE GLORY OF WAR BUT ABOUT BEING MORAL AND BENEVOLENT. Please don't change the subject. I really cannot picture you fighting for this country, if I knew all of the stuff you think you know I certainly would not. I mean all you would be fighting for is a bunch of conspiratorial, fascisist, socialist, collectivist, one worlders, bankers, and government controlled propaganda machine. Archer forgive me for saying this and feel free to correct me but from what I have learned of you from your writing I cannot conceive that you have ever given of yourself to anything, anywhere at anytime. Hey Ken keep us up to date on the Canadian toilet. Fortunately to my knowledge none of us in this country have ever had to choose between having a glass of water to drink and flushing the toilet. I bet in some places they have.

Bruce, 'Bama

MR RUSTOW'S 2nd sentence reads like this,******** "THAT IS THE GOAL OF GLOBAL GOVERNMENT AMERICA MUST GET OUT OF THE UN OR OUR SOVERIGN REPUBLIC WILL NOT SURVIVE."****** Adds a little bit of nuance to the first sentence. If one read his entire piece I wonder what the nuance might be. I would think we all owe him a second chance and should take back the communist, treasonous, fascist and all those other distasteful words we throw around so loosely.

Editor, Liberty Quotes

Thanks, Bruce, for your own research. We will add the rest of the quote to this. However, there is no verifiable source for the quote. And it is interesting that Rustow is listed as a UN spokesperson and CFR member while stating what appears to be the opposite of the stated goals of those organizations. Any more info related to this would be appreciated. Thanks again to all.

E Archer, NYC

Bruce says, "Archer forgive me for saying this and feel free to correct me but from what I have learned of you from your writing I cannot conceive that you have ever given of yourself to anything, anywhere at anytime." You are forgiven -- how would you know in what way I choose to serve my country (which by the way is the People and the principles of a free Republic, not the government), I do not attempt to justify my patriotism with stories of my office work in the military. Perhaps you do not consider dissent or resistance to unconstitutional acts as serving one's country. Perhaps being independent, self-sufficient, and responsible for my actions to fall short of my so-called obligations to government entities who care not one iota for my well being but merely want my coerced obedience. I needn't list all the causes for which I have devoted my time and energy -- they are mine to choose and are not up for debate. I do not believe it is the job of Americans to save the rest of the world -- we could stand to save ourselves for a change and break up the den of thieves that have laid hold of our government, our resources, our labors, and our loyalties. I will live my life in accordance with the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution -- as well as the Golden Rule which I endeavor to follow without the coercion from those that claim authority over me. If that is not service to my country, I don't know what is.

warren, olathe

I guess I don't get the quote. Getting out of the U N makes sense because it is worthless and is a threat to everyone’s freedom. The second part is absolutely true. The first part is confusing to me.


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