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“The fact that most people think that being selfish means harming one's fellow man, that pursuing one's own self-interest equates to behaving brutally or irrationally, is, as Ms. Rand noted, a 'psychological confession' on their part.  In fact it is against one's own long-term self-interest to behave irrationally or trample others. Such actions are the exact opposite of selfish -- they're self-destructive.”

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J Carlton, Calgary

If we all...every one of us...were to focus on taking responsibility for our own well being, we could do so only by interacting with those around us. In this way we are all more likely to prosper and less likely to become welfare wards of the state reservation. We would all be more productive, self fulfilled and less unhappy and dependent.
How is that selfish?

E Archer, NYC

Hear, hear!

Mike, Norwalk

Depending on how one defines selfish will determine an outcomes understanding.


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