William BarrWilliam Barr, (1950-) US Attorney General

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“The Framers would have seen a one-size-fits-all government for hundreds of millions of diverse citizens as being utterly unworkable and a straight road to tyranny. That is because they recognized that not every community is exactly the same. What works in Brooklyn might not be a good fit for Birmingham. The federal system allows for this diversity. It also enables people who do not like a certain system to move to a different one.”

William BarrWilliam Barr
~ William Barr

2020 National Religious Broadcasters Convention, 2/26/2020

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Ronw13, Oregon

The Exodus begins nationwide. Blue to Red, slow walking the process of mobility within blue states perpetuating fear among citizens will be the undoing of socialist/communist agendas of total control. 

jim k, Austin

So true.

Mike, Norwalk

Barr's statement was accurate until he mentioned the federal system. The federal system was never intended to allow or disallow individuals; or, enable people to move.


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