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“There has never in the history of the civilized world been a cohort of kids that is so little affected by adult guidance and so attuned to a peer world. We have removed grown-up wisdom and allowed them to drift into a self-constructed, highly relativistic world of friendship and peers.”

~ William Damon

Stanford University Center on Adolescence

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Mike, Pleasant Hill

Truer words have never been spoken, the 20th century has seen the progressives achieve its goal of complete control of the education system, creating useful idiots and poisoning their minds that they reject or are unable to defend or articulate the very principles that delivered freedom to them and their ancestors.

The Methodical Destruction of American Education in the Name of World Government

E Archer, NYC

The dumbing down of the populace is now accompanied with the loading of debt. Not only are American teens less prepared for the responsibilities of adulthood, but they are required to borrow huge sums of money, backed by government, and thus cannot be defaulted upon. These fresh citizens come into the world yoked in debt and indoctrinated in servitude to the State. Since Liberty is out of the question, Equality they demand, at the expense of the free and responsible. Masters degrees in the fields of dependency pump out social justice warriors whose only source of income is tapping others' income. A country of non-producing academics will starve -- victims of their own activism.

Mike, Norwalk

Most notably since WWII, morals have waned while self indulgence has been taught and imaged as the supreme way. Generation after generation has fallen deeper into the demonic trappings of the statist theocracy of world order (chaos). Consequences of a Stockholm Syndrome type violation (children being taught sex ed at earlier and earlier ages, seminaries {government schools} being the immediate totalitarian authority, etc., etc., etc.) has become the norm among the 'borg'.

jim k, austin

Mike and E Archer summed it up very well.

John Shuttleworth, New York City

I must refer the reader to Plato's Republic, and to other dialogues, as to his opinion about the young and their necessary guidance; but moreover the responsibility parents owe to teach, set the example, from which the young have the obligation to learn. Really ? Who is teaching what to whom in this tug of war ? Perhaps the analogy from the Rubiyat (sp) of the bow and arrow as the blind archer and passive bow lets loose the dumb arrow....All I can say is: If procreation was a rational act, the human race would have been extinct long ago.

Georgia chatman, Blue Island illonois

This so true children don't listen to the elderly .


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