Justice William O. DouglasJustice William O. Douglas, (1898-1980), U. S. Supreme Court Justice

Justice William O. Douglas Quote

“Freedom of movement is the very essence of our free society -- once the right to travel is curtailed, all other rights suffer.”

Justice William O. DouglasJustice William O. Douglas
~ Justice William O. Douglas

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J Carlton, Calgary

Our freedom of movement is most certainly being curtailed. We're being "trained" to put up with all kinds of un-Constitutional abuse: https://www.checkpointusa.org/

jim k, Austin, Tx

Cops are putting up roadblocks all over the place stopping cars to check for drugs and drunk drivers. These traffic stops remind us of the same sort of thing that took place in Soviet Russia and the Eastern European countries when they were behind the ""Iron Curtain." Traffic is always curtailed in communist countries. The sheeple will always put up with this sort of thing because they are only doing this " for our own good".

E Archer, NYC

We put up with it because we haven't a choice any more. The TSA is already becoming more and more intrusive not just groping people at airports but on the highways, too.

Mike, Norwalk

A vehicle, person, etc. by government license makes all motorized travel and illegal activity. Now that the right to travel has been outlawed and curtailed, all other rights are suffering.


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