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“[I]t’s an unfortunate reality in many of the journalistic environments we exist today. We can’t criticize certain people, or dig into certain stories, or follow our noses on the trail of corruption if it means upsetting our publishers, sponsors, and donors.”

~ Zaid Jilani

How Working In Washington Taught Me We’re All A Little Like RT America, Mar 6th, 2014

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Mike, Norwalk

Welcome to Amerika; try to find a birth certificate for god Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin that has not been photoshoped or a social security number that didn't belong to someone else.

Bob L., Charlotte, VT

I THINK his view is that Independent thinkers who don't "toe the [ANYONE'S] line" aren't "free" to do what they view as their 'jobs;' perhaps a natural result of a democratic republic which was founded on freedom of thought, word and deed.

Mike, Pleasant Hill

Journalism today for the most part is nothing more than just self deluded political partisan hacks spinning news to jive with their political and social philosophy and the TRUTH be damned.
They are cheerleaders and defenders for a political party.


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