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Anonymous, South Bend, INAnonymous, South Bend, IN
Anonymous, South Bend, IN

I am a single mother of 2 making less than 40k a year. Because I have many expenses I claim 7 dependents so I can keep more money in my check rather than getting it back when the government feels like giving it to me. I am still paying taxes of 26%! So over 1/4 of my check goes to the government to redistribute. Is this fair? Am I rich? If the "Bush tax cuts" wouldn't have been extended then I would be giving up 33% or 1/3rd of my check. Liberal thinking says that the "rich" don't pay enough taxes. People making 250k are currently taxed at a rate of 38%. Which means they would pay 95k a year (just in federal taxes. So this doesn't include state income tax or property tax). If someone makes 1m a year and lets say they only have to pay the same 38%. They will pay in federal taxes 350k. Why is it that the liberals cannot do math? The Bush tax cuts mostly helped the poor and middle class. It added a 10% and 14% tax bracket. If Congress does not extend the taxes in 2012, then it is safe to say that the poorest people (those who are willing to work) will be required to pay 25% instead of the lower rates Bush added. So 1/4th of their check will go to pay for those who do not want to work or all of those who refuse to take a job beneath them. Everyone knows that there are way too many people on these social programs who are abusing the system. If the government would actually do more to police these programs instead of policing those who work, then liberals would see that there will be more money for the "General welfare".

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