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Furman Jones, Asbury ParkFurman Jones, Asbury Park
Furman Jones, Asbury Park

That's right asswipe fault the "nigras" for wanting better in life. If it was up to you the "darkies" would still be in slums and illiterate! Thank God the "nigras" stood up for themselves and proved your redneck ass wrong. I know a lot of "darkies" who smoke "the reefers" as my grandmother called it and they don't want to be Caucasian.

Furman Jones, Asbury Park

Well why are we so shocked at his quotes? I mean childrens really? I as a Black American am not shocked nor surprised at anything that asshole had to say. He probably was a card carrying member of the KKK so folks why the fuck are you getting your panties in a twist.

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