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I am the one of the working poor, single Mom had to work a few jobs. I agree with his quote and I see his quote differently than you I guess. I have seen the poor and lazy that do abuse the system. So a rich man everyone thinks is entitled to more taxes? I know my son in-law makes good money and the Government takes a lot of taxes from him and he still has to pay at the end of the year. He works his rear off also he just was fortunate that he worked hard to get the job he has and he works hard to keep it also. Lets say if you made good money and they took a major portion of your money How would you feel? I remember when the first time I got earned income credit and I could not understand how I was able to get money this money I did not pay in taxes. Where did this free money come from? Sadly to say those that get a hand out will keep taking it and that will teach them to be lazy. Most I would say do not appreciate the hand out either they believe they deserve it, owed it. In his quote you see why a rich man would think why work because their taxes go to take care of the lazy man that does not work. I do not think any rich man would ever not work because of this, but it may be in their thoughts. Why would anyone go from being rich to poor for a reason like this? I think if you work for what you have you appreciate things more. 

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