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Jitendra Kaushal, Gurgaon, IndiaJitendra Kaushal, Gurgaon, India
Jitendra Kaushal, Gurgaon, India

The proposition is fraught with danger. Might is right could well become the social norm.

Jitendra Kaushal, Gurgaon, India

Very true. An activist judge is a politician hiding behind the safety of a black robe and hurts the interests of both.

Jitendra Kaushal, GURGAON, India

Is it really so? Money's absence may mean servitude and bondage but its surfeit too leads to bondage of the worst kind. It turns ther best of men into its slaves.

Jitendra Kaushal, Gurgaon, India

Who reads now? TV and cinema are far more powerful tools of communication and conversion. Yet books need to be around for the era makers to learn their skills and subjects. Self study will always remain the only option for would be leader to acquire knowledge.

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