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“By establishing reading societies, and subscription libraries, and taking these under our direction, and supplying them through our labors, we may turn the public mind which way we will.”

~ Adam Weishaupt

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Mike, Norwalk

5 stars for accuracy, thumbs down for what its done to the USA

J Carlton, Calgary

Which is exactly why the only magazine or newspaper I subscribe to is American Rifleman. Comes with an NRA membership. :)

jim k, austin

He could have said,"By establishing public schools" and it would be the same.

Anne Cleveland, Gainesville, Georgia

I agree with Jim K. Austin, but I call them tax-supported schools. I have written a number of articles about the socialist school system on my blog, the horrors of the system, and how the school system uses up over half state budgets.Here in Georgia I think its over half of 8 billion budget. Thanks Anne Cleveland

Waffler, Smith

J Carlton you are so naive. American Riflemnan and NRA arer the mind control agencies of gun manufacturers. The only objective of the NRA is to sell guns. I can recommend much better reading for you especially the publications of the North American Hunting Club. They are not into all the political BS that the NRA is into. They talk about guns and hunting for guns and hunters no for gun nuts who think guns are for taking on government. Anne if the state closed down the system every one would flee. Most folk like to have good schools. If you look at the public schools in affluent areas they have Olympic Size swimming pools etcetera, that is wher the doctors and lawyers live and every one else try to move too. A society without an educational system or edudcation is not a place people want to live. If the people of any state closed their "state" run schools they would start a new system overnight. The people are the state and the state are the people.

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RBESRQ    7/14/09

Carlton you need say no more... The statement is stupid and not worth retort

J Carlton, Calgary

"J Carlton you are so naive. American Riflemnan and NRA arer the mind control agencies of gun manufacturers".....The remark was made in sarcasm Waff. No one has to convince me to buy guns, I'm all over second amendment rights. I'm very well read..."very". And there is nothing a communist can recommend to me. I'll stick with the original Homeland Security Team...the NRA.

J Carlton, Calgary

RBE...stop it you'll make me cry. ;-) The fact is, Illuminati or no Illuminati, the media is a mere propoganda machine and not worth the paper and ink it requires. Everything we are fed is designed to put a slant on everything we think which is why I choose to ignore it for what it is...garbage.

Jitendra Kaushal, Gurgaon, India

Who reads now? TV and cinema are far more powerful tools of communication and conversion. Yet books need to be around for the era makers to learn their skills and subjects. Self study will always remain the only option for would be leader to acquire knowledge.

WILL, Ice planet

Sounds like imperialist balderdash. Outdated thinking which unfortunately is how most governments still think. Though this comment is unworthy or repudiation it must be as it's just stupid. *People shouldn't be controlled *Freedom is the sign of a liberal state

Jim Farmer, Stone Mountain, GA

“Information is the currency of democracy.” This quotation is often attributed to Thomas Jefferson, but Jefferson scholars can not find it in his writings or speeches. Ralph Nader is the origin that can be documented: "Information is the currency of democracy. It's denial must always be suspect." -- Ralph Nader. “Information is the currency of democracy; but distorted information, innuendo, propaganda and lies are the arsenal of tyranny.” -- Jim Farmer

TheMANwithNoName, Tampa, FL

I would be interested to know the source of this quote, if it actually exists. It sounds to me like one of a few other quotes that have appeared here which could never be documented as having been made by the person to whom they are attributed. And please, spare us the interpretation. You could have stopped with...'Founded the order of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776.' World Domination - BAH - thankfully these 'Illuminati' are too busy pushing each other aside to get at the trough to do any credible job of world domination.

Anne Cleveland, Gainesville, Georgia

In response to Waffler, Smith about my remark reference tax-supported schools, Its great when ones intellectual nettle is stirred to think about and talk about the socialist school system. you say if the state closed down the system, every one would flee. Flee to where? Have no fear the State is not going to close down the cash cow. I!m all for education, The State schools do not educate, they indoctrinate.They are socialist schools, how can one expect them to teach contrary to what they are? If the level of debate over schools reaches that of guns in this country, there would be hope , the tide would turn on the crisis we all face currently in this country.You suggest a society with-out an educational system is not a place people want to live. The current system is one of killing feilds of indoctrination, based upon an immoral system of costly its bankrupting this country.I dont believe this is what people want, but have been blind-sided , by propaganda into thinking its something other than what it is.. Anne Cleveland, Gainesville Georgia

Waffler, Smith

Your rejoinder and your words would appear to indicate that you have been radicalized and beyond really discussion upon the subject of public schools. What is socialism in your view? People have historically considered the quality of schools when they seek a place to live. If Georgia did away with education do you think that the folk might decide to move to a different state. First of all most states have a law requiring that children be taught to read and write. Now if that is true how do you propose that the law giver (the state or the people) should enforce its laws.

Bob, Eugene, OR

"He designed the very plan of world domination that is still in use today to enslave the world's masses." Casual observation would suggest it's not working too well.

E Archer, NYC

I would like to see a source for this, too, although the history of the Bavarian Illuminati is undisputed. Weishaupt and his cohorts began undermining the education in the universities to condition and mold future lawyers to twist the law in favor of those who held the real power.

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Anonymous    7/15/09

Free education in public schools is the 10th plank of Marx's Communist Mainfesto. All ten planks were enforced here by bankers. lawyers, judges, joirnalists and jerks on juries before we lost 110,000 of our finest in Asia under the pretext of "halting communist expanson" See all ten planks here: and see 6 books FREE by Merrill Jenkins, Monetary Realist (1919-1970). As for the NRA, ALL national organizations have to parot lies and keep secrets from their members, many are here: neither site has advertizing. All it took to enslave the world was to convince the majority that dollars and pounds are things when they are measures of things.

Juggs, Anytown, USA

Weishaupt didn't know about the Internet, which has been tremendous vehicle for spreading knowledge outside the printed controlled information. Not surprising, information is not as accessible as it was five years ago, search engines seem to have deleted some factual accounts and reports that are not there now. Used to be one could find articles about the financial mess W. left the State of Texas, but little found on recent search engines, as well as his AWOL records. That and some other searches that came up with terrific sites are being deleted. Same with You Tube videos having numbers of watches downsized, and some taken off the site temporarily. Comments also now screened. So the dream of the Internet as a great source of accurate information will likely be controlled as well. Sad.

Anne Cleveland, Gainesville Georgia

It appears Waffler Smith is trying to portray me a radical beyond discussion of the "public school" system. By definition, a radical is one who seeks the root fundamental cause of a given subject. Further it seems Mr. Smith fears the citizens of Georgia will flee the State with-out the socialized school system. Implying no alternative to tax supported schools. My grand-children currently are home-schooled and attend private schools. Ludicrous to suggest no alternative to a rotten system, Further you say most states have laws requiring children be taught to read and write..How do you explain those who graduate who still cannot read? Further, with reference to your question about definition of Socialism, I suggest you read Marx and Engels and the communist manifesto, for a clear definition of one brand of socialisn.

Moonsnail, Hansville

With regard to the NRA. They're the foremost fighters for our Second Amendment rights, which include the right to self defense and the right to stand up to a dictatorial government. Without arms we would be in the same position as the Iranians have recently found themselves -- helpless and defenseless against armed thugs. With arms we cannot be bullied and downtrodden so easily. Any government that intends to dictate to the people will first disarm them. The Second Amendment is not about hunting, it is about political power for the people.

Elisabeth, Astoria, NY

Zero stars for Weishaupt's statement, but * * * * * * * * * * for all the discussion and argumentation over it. While the former is about controlling opinions, the latter is about freedom of opinions.

Waffler, Smith

Anne you and yours are obvioulsy of the intelligensia. Most folk decided long ago that it is best if people be taught to read and write, and thus passed laws requiring it. That some still drop through or out is unfortunate. Georgia is no different than any other state. States and localities often brag about their schools in order to attrat residents. A state or localitiy without a public school is normally considered a backwater of ignorance. Now discussing the issues of schooling and education is important but I just thought that your wording appeared radicalized and beyond logical discussion. Just when did our system become socialism. In the old west where they may have "imported" some youn school marm from the east to educate the children of pioneers, or in 1880's, 1920's etcetera. Just when did it become "socialism" for communities to educate their children.

Waffler, Smith

As far as the NRA they are purely self-appointed supporters of the 2d amendment. They have no particular standing. A telephone solicitor called me onece to subscribe to their rag of a magazine and he asked "Who is going to protect your 2d Amendment Rights". They are building a business out of this thing. I told them "I will take care of my own second amendment rights". All of my relatives who were life long members have dropped out of this goofy organization, we all still have our guns but now we have also gained a large measure of self-respect that comes from rejecting the pure stupidity of the NRA.

Anne Cleveland, Gainesville, Georgia

In response to Waffler Smith and schools, I understand what you are saying. I agree its best if folks are taught to read and write.. Further I agree Georgia is no different from other states. You ask, "just when did our system become socialism"? Are you un-aware tax-supported schools have been socialistic since their inception? You further ask, " just when did it become socialism for communities to educate their children?" You mis-understood, I never said that., nor implied that. My opposition is to thievery,The entire tax-suported system is based upon a system of thievery. And I believe stealing is immoral and wrong.I know of no way to justify it. Your defense of the tax-supported, socialistic system,is a defense for that which funds it, Hou do you,Mr. Smith justify thievery? And why do you support a system which exist and thrives on it.? Anne Cleveland

warren, olathe

Don't take Waffler serious Ann. He is the radical. He has problems with logic.

Waffler, Smith

So Anne I agree that any system in which we join together for the common "good" is a form of social action. So when we come together to put in sewers, establish a police force, or a Continental Army to secure an independent nation, and to educate children by the communtiy it can be called "socialism". Welcome to the real world. And praise to social action that has brought us these wonderful things, like sewers, and things. It would appear that it is your pocket book you are most concerned about.

Waffler, Smith

Anne your questioning is as old as Plato and Aristotle. Plato said that "they are all our children" and Aristotle said "nonsense we know that each prefers their own over those others". So welcome to the argument.

Anne Cleveland, Gainesville, Georgia

Mr. Waffler, I see where you are coming from. You think thievery is ok so long as its used for things like sewers.& schools..The point of wrong is in the taking of ones property, in violation of the will of the owner. And taxes by definition are an in-voluntary relinguishment of ones property{money} hence stealing.If you believe its acceptable to steal, and as you so clearly state,obviously you do, that ends any dialogue.At the opposite end of the spectrum, its my position thievery is wrong and cannot be justified under any circumstances. You support the premise political plunder is acceptable for things like sewage and schools. I maintain those services should be in the private sector.the free enterprise system for those who desire those services. Clearly your argument is for government to take by force from some to give to others, ie sewage & schooling. Obviously, ours is a difference in morality. You support a system of thiervey and I vehemently oppose it.Thats where we began and thats where we end. Anne Cleveland

Waffler, Smith

All societies and communities have done it since time immemorial. I believe that it is wrong for you to call it socialism while looking down your nose at it. It is the way civilizations have always acted.

E Archer, NYC

Thanks to Anne Cleveland for her well-spoken argument. Waffler is the product of socialist education, as you can tell from his Marxist excuses.

What Waffler has no experience or knowledge of are "societies and communities" self-organized by independent and responsible people. Free association among free people, who pool their resources together voluntarily and by consent. Their contributions are their gifts, not duties. Everyone brings something to the party, and no one expects to live off another's labor.

If all the government schools did was teach reading, writing, arithmetic, it wouldn't require 12 years, I'll tell you that. I have my great-grandmother's school notebooks from 5th grade, and she had perfect penmanship, read voraciously, and understood the accounting for managing a farm.

Of course, "folks" want schools. The 'school' is not the issue, it's the 'curriculum' and whether you must accept it or not. Compulsory 'education' by the state is the foundation of totalitarianism, no matter what its form. Collectivist thought and conditioning reigns supreme in compulsory education. It is control -- mind-control, even -- not empowerment. It worked on Waffler -- he joined the federal government and is now living off his IRS pension. He never ceases to defend the thievery of the IRS for the "common good." Classic Marxism.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

The human is not in the business of playing with minds, but directing the mind in the most effective and productive direction. Socialism is the challenge of social abilities to create a positive beneficial mindset for the good of all.


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