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Rogers assumes that the rich are the governed half, the poor the governing half. Rogers' first flaw the rich are not half, they are at most 20%, and often far fewer. Rogers' second and fatal flaw the rich don't work, they manage corporations they own. Therefore they never get the idea that it is no good to work. They get the idea that they need to crash the economy and thereby disempower workers an economic state called depression. Oneye Quote (Government by the rich few) "You can indeed temporarily legislate the rich into wealth by legislating the poor out of wealth. However, eventually comes blowback. For a wealthy person to receive without hiring or risk, a hundred workers must be enslaved. What the government gives it takes from the taxpayers. When the rich get the idea that they do not have to risk because the taxpayers will take the risk, when the rich get the idea that they do not have to hire because taxpayer money will flow into their pockets anyway, and when the majority gets the idea that it does no good to work because the wealthy are going to get what they work for anyway, that my rich and violent enemy, is the end of the nation. You cannot indefinitely concentrate wealth by stealing it."

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