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jamesofthecommons, Brokeville NCjamesofthecommons, Brokeville NC
jamesofthecommons, Brokeville NC

Just so everyone will know;The US Chamber of commerce is one of the primary advacants of the war on drugs.That's correct,there are many among us who in order to advance the ''free market,''have no qualms whatsoever with the abolishment of freedom.

jamesofthecommons, Brokeville NC

First and most importantly I think that the war on drugs, and the prohibition of all the drug bearing herbs and plants brought to an end.The drug war is a crime against humanity,and those persons who have in the past instigated that war should be labeled accordingly.Those persons who hold office and presently and continue to wage that war,should upon refusal to cease and desist,be arrested, charged and tried for crimes against humanity.
As a side thought;It might be a good idea that we as a nation take a look at the totality of our laws,legal system and cultural norms in general,and those aspects of that totality that are or were, created by racists,despisers of liberty and ignorant hatemongers,be at least scrutinized through the lens of tolerance and racial justice/equality.Though intellectual neanderthals have ceartainly not died out in this age of mass knowledge and communication,the average citizen today is far more likely to recognize and appreciate the basic humanity of persons of all races and economic stratums.This being the case, then ceartainly the average citizen today could be trusted to structure a system of justice for all,that is in fact based upon the concept of justice for all.

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