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My wife and I literally had less than $1,000 in our savings account when we got married and in the early years there were many sleepless nights, literally and figuratively. We never received hand outs from family, friends, or the government. We paid back our student loans. We worked hard, raised three kids who went through college, and can now retire very well with no debt, not even a house payment, at 60 years old because we lived within out means and didn't live on credit. We get incensed when we read about half the nation making a way of life on some form of government subsidy. We have no issue with a helping hand but we take exceptional issue with making hand outs a way of life. We didn't do everything right but if you work during the day, attend night school on loans, even grants for good grades, there is no excuse to not elevate your position. We had nothing but our pride and a strong work ethic, something anyone can do. If you are poor in this country, even illegal, there is no excuse to not attend community college or vocational training. Stop whining about what you don't have. We started with nothing, and there is no reason people can't work for the american dream like we did. We aren't the bad guys because we understood a strong work ethic, higher education that is accessible to anyone who can't afford it (maybe not Harvard but good community colleges) and how to live within your means. Have neighbors that obviously were more successful than us and I would never dream of knocking on their door and asking for some of what they have and the government should either, or demonize those who work hard. Before anyone criticizes we believe in taxes to support schools, police, etc, but we also believe you have to live within your means and stop making one time surpluses into never ending social programs.

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