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Anne Cleveland, gainesville GeorgiaAnne Cleveland, gainesville Georgia
Anne Cleveland, Gainesville Georgia

It appears Waffler Smith is trying to portray me a radical beyond discussion of the "public school" system. By definition, a radical is one who seeks the root fundamental cause of a given subject. Further it seems Mr. Smith fears the citizens of Georgia will flee the State with-out the socialized school system. Implying no alternative to tax supported schools. My grand-children currently are home-schooled and attend private schools. Ludicrous to suggest no alternative to a rotten system, Further you say most states have laws requiring children be taught to read and write..How do you explain those who graduate who still cannot read? Further, with reference to your question about definition of Socialism, I suggest you read Marx and Engels and the communist manifesto, for a clear definition of one brand of socialisn.

Anne Cleveland, Gainesville Georgia

I think Liberty Quotes is a fabulous web-site and I love reading the quotes particularly the ones like today which refer to the government. I use them sometimes on my blog, octogenariansblog.com. I write a lot about politics and Freedom. I'm 84 years old, began blogging 6 months ago now have 125 articles. Just got a call to be on Jay Leno show. thanks anne cleveland@bellsouth.net

Anne Cleveland, gainesville Georgia

I think most individuals are looking to politicians and preachers to do for them, to be responsible for what to think, and what to do, instead of assuming the responsibility for their actions and what they think. I have just posted an article titled,"the Itch to preach is the Itch to Rule" on my Blog site, Octogenariansblog.com. I invite any-one to click on and read and comment. In the article I point out the analogy between Preachers and Politicians. I really enjoy the Liberty Quotes I receive via the internet. Thank you!! Anne Cleveland Gainesville, Georgia

anne cleveland, Gainesville Georgia

Good intentions frequently come from a coercive, controlling busy body with a socialist mentality. Like those hooked into the seduction of politics. And have no respect for the boundaries of the property of others. That which is Right or Wrong can be determined from a Principle, not from the value judgement of any-ones intention. Just Me AC

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