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Anonymous, New YorkAnonymous, New York
Anonymous, New york

Wolf or Shepherd, the sheep are slaves and end up killed unnaturally.

Anonymous, NEW YORK

The Clintons should be hung by the neck until dead! Along with the Bush's for the lies to the American people. They really destroyed this great country America.

anonymous, new york

It may seem that this man escaped punishment as he was never caught but he died depressed and alone, full of hatred and away from his beloved native land and family. I watched an excellent documentary on him with lots of testimonies of people who knew him after the end of WW2 and realised that punishment comes in different forms. He may have played God for a while but he will be rotting in hell for eternity. Invinsible?

Anonymous, New York

God's word is true....every word.

Anonymous, New York

"GOD BLESS THE AMERICA the FOUNDERS were trying to create" *** Now that's a true Quote!! God wants to Bless America now but first we need to FOLLOW HIM!

Anonymous, New York

How very true and poignant.

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