Dr. Joseph MengeleDr. Joseph Mengele, (1911-1979) Nazi German SS officer and a physician in the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, known for performing grisly human experiments on camp inmates, including children, for which Mengele was called the "Angel of Death" (German: Todesengel)

Dr. Joseph Mengele Quote

“The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”

Dr. Joseph MengeleDr. Joseph Mengele
~ Dr. Joseph Mengele

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Anonymous    5/20/05

it sucks

Me Again
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    Me Again    7/27/05

    Some people would say that this statement is true. I pray for them also, that their vision may clear and that they awaken from their cerebral slumber.

    Anonymous, Reston, VA US

    Yet this describes exactly what the radical right's and GOP's leaders are doing to us today...

    kimberly, lacona, NY

    i think it's completely true. there is a point where actions become so horrifying and terrible that we cease to believe that what is happening is true

    Mary Mengele, Argentina

    My uncle knows what the hell he is talking about!!

    Lindsey Simms, Walnut Ridge

    I am doing a term paper on him, and I think it is SICK but true. I am sure that if he did so much I would end up thinking it wasn't happening, but all in all it is TWISTED!

    Carl, Montréal

    I have to agree with Kinberly on this one, there a point where the rumour you hear become too incredible to be easy to believe and it's at this point that the quotes become true. Horrific that someone applied it though.

    Alexander Tierney, Wimbledon
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    Alexander Tierney, Wimbledon Carl, Montréal 4/22/19

    "One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It's simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we've been taken."

    -Carl Sagan.

    Anonymous, Lara, Regenburg

    Unfortunately, it is very true

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    Anonymous    4/19/07

    I can't beleive someone like him would say that. Dr. Josef Mengele was an idiot and a crazy maniac. He hurt people who never did anything to him...he was inhumane.

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      Anonymous    4/28/08

      Hes insane. :/ Very sad what he did.

      Sharon, Knoxville, TN

      Insane, sadistic, horrific, maniacal, evil, and may he burn in hell!

      Gavin Oosthuizen, Malvern, Johannesburg.

      The more you did it to them......the more they realised what it was like to deal with "people" who do things..."because they can do those things to people", Dr Mengele's fans and supporters must really be missing him, I mean after all they learnt so much from the "good" doctor.....believe it !!!! Fuck Dr Mengele and his buddies. Gavin Oosthuizen. Malvern. Johannesburg. I'm easy to find !!!

      Anonymous, New Richmond

      Joseph Mengele is a piece of crap and is a sick human... or whatever he is..

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        Anonymous    4/3/09

        Please God, one day - some TIME some PLACE, he will find a way to redeem himself!

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          Anonymous    4/22/09

          he is one of the lowest people on the earth doing that but hilter was no better

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            Anonymous    9/30/09

            You never know, it could happen again

            Max, Michigan

            He was a MONSTER as were all the Nazi's

            Lydia, Ft. Smith

            I love Josef!♥

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            Anonymous    5/18/10

            The pepole who are on his side are just as sick and twisted as he is. How the fuck can you agree with this sick disgrace of a human.

            Arielle, Los Angeles

            What a terrible, terrible man. I feel so sorry for the people who had to undergo his experiments.

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              Anonymous    6/9/10

              Fuck Mengle..He and his followers will burn in hell. He wasn't a doctor but yet a glorified power hungry man. To anyone who likes Mengela I saw a huge Fuck you, and please know that my medical work in a 3rd world country out does any of his atrocities.

              anonymous, new york

              It may seem that this man escaped punishment as he was never caught but he died depressed and alone, full of hatred and away from his beloved native land and family. I watched an excellent documentary on him with lots of testimonies of people who knew him after the end of WW2 and realised that punishment comes in different forms. He may have played God for a while but he will be rotting in hell for eternity. Invinsible?


              This is absolutely true. Only a doctor like Mengele would say this.

              mengele, idk

              r u stupid this man needs to burn in hellllll for wat he has done

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                Anonymous    4/2/11

                Mengele, believed that there were ways to connect twins by sewing their hands and arms together. That, in no way. is ok. But he wasnt the only one who completely destroyed the Jewish, Gypsy, or homosexuals. Now we know what prejudging people and tolerance can do to the world, lets not do it. And I don't know if you people realize it but when you say things like " thats so Jewish " or " thats so gay ", that is extremely racist.

                Anonymous, ny

                Josef Mengele and all of his followers were sick and twisted. I hope they are burning in hell.

                Liamo, TV
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                Liamo, TV    7/13/11

                I hope to god there's a hell and i hope to god that this sick individual and all his nazi pals are burning there for what he did to those poor souls

                Mike, Norwalk

                Here not shooting the messenger (that probably wouldn't have been the appropriate action) 5 stars for accuracy, a thumbs down for the accurate portrayal of government's actions. Currently, Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin has a dwindling hit list for individuals that are acted upon without warrant or benefit of their day in court. Is the peace prize winning war monger better or worse than Bush the torturer ? (or Mengele ?) The occupying statist theocracy's patrons either ignore, don't believe, or justify in the name of the carnal gods the atrocities to man, the compelled compliance, licensing, victimless crimes, larceny with impunity, the non-recognition of inalienable rights (the bread and circus are alive and well).

                Byron, Fort Collins

                This quotation is about denial of one's situation exercised for the sake of psychological survival. As such it is amazingly revealing, despite its contemptible source. People often wonder why abused children, such as those of Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church, refuse to speak up about their abusive parents. It is because many of them do not believe that they were abused. This is how our minds react to intolerable stress. Again, despite its source, it's important to remember the gist of this quotation.

                Jimmy Joe, Wichita,Kansas

                The Quote Was correct! Whats sad is the amout of anti-christ liberals on here who believe its right wing republicans when these right wing republicans are the only ones who are like-minded to our founding fathers, god,and jesus christ. And the democrat party, and liberal republicans who have sought desperately to remove god,and jesus christ from the public square, and the hearts, minds, and spirits of america's children. Then brainwashing satanism,instead. As well making war aginst god,and jesus christ,and their elect.Who are those so-called right wing extremist.that these christian biggots,and liberal death worshipping satan deciples.are voting for true evil that is at war with the creator!!!

                J Carlton, Calgary

                Reflective of our situation today. No one seems willing to accept that we are sacrificed daily as cannon fodder and tax-paying sheep. Our prostiticians don't give a good God Damn about us.

                jim k, Austin, Tx

                J Carlton got it right. As to you people using the F word in your comments, please find another site to display your ignorance. Reston, the mess we are in is a bipartisan effort by democrats and republicans. The right wing didn't cause this slide into socialism, it was people on your side.

                Anonymous, Ft Smith AR

                This is exactly what is happening today. Not GOP and not Dems but both! We need to start over with a whole new bunch of reps. Anyone who believes this is just one side of the spectrum has their eyes shut.

                E Archer, NYC

                All the guys cheering the death and damnation of Mengele would do better to look at their own complicity in supporting war, genocide, and human experimentation -- you may be surprised to find it happening in your own backyard. How many 'vaccines' have you been forced to have? Yes, forced -- see, you didn't even realize that, huh? How many times have you watched the TV screen for your daily minute of hate and wish the Muslims would all die and burn in hell? ;-) I am just glad these guys don't have the power Mengele had -- it sure seems their conscience would permit such atrocities on their 'enemies.'

                GunnyCee, Durham

                We are burdened with more rules, regulations and obstacles to weatlh creation than ever before and we think that not enough is being done! The Angel of Death has been studied by Marxist liberals and they know exactly what they are doing to our society. That was how they were able to "snow-job" us into ObamaCare and Trillions of dollars of our money to just disappear. Only now, Mengle's rule isn't looking too solid. Americans are quietly, but effectively rebelling and will sweep this bunch of thugs out of office next year. All we can do now is hold our breath and count on the House of Representatives and the House Majority leader to stop the rush of Fascist/Marxist policies that Obama and his henchmen are piling on to "change" (bulldoze) America.

                Anonymous, Perryton, Texas

                It is a quote from an evil, evil man but it is a quote that can ring true today if we don't wake up and look around to see what's happening today. I fear we are being rocked asleep by a move of evil that is ringing out loudly. This evil that said this quote is waking up and is not hiding in the shadows but is standing in our streets, our schools and our governments and are shouting what they will do and we sit back and do nothing. We can't believe evil will take up residence in our country but it is. It crept in slowly and quietly but now it has shown itself and is not afraid.

                Mary - MI
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                  Mary - MI    9/22/11

                  "There are none so blind as those who do not see"

                  josef mengele, gemany

                  i am coming back one day so you all will burn

                  JTYSON, Austin TX

                  Sounds like a line from Planned Parenthood.

                  KreitzMan, Pitchin

                  "Josef Mengele and all of his followers were sick and twisted. I hope they are burning in hell." They're not in hell but in prominent positons in the government and the judiciary.

                  Tim Baber, Ringwood UK

                  source: http://www.bhmversusmengele.tumblr.com

                  "To explain is harder than to endure".Tim Baber

                  George Orwell, San Diego CA,

                  There is a smoking gun book that backs this statement up search amazon.com >>>"'THE SEX OFFENDFER REGISTRY IS A PRELUDE TO TYRANNY!"
                  Why?>>>> you can now become a sex offender for public urination, mooning. streaking, teens having consensual sex- children are becoming sex offenders for bumping uglies-much much more don't belive this? see www.1984ishere.tk

                  Robin, WA
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                    Robin, WA    7/28/13

                    This quote is about disassociation, in a nut shell (pun intended). Who is the nut? The person inflicting the trama or the tramatized person who goes over the deep end because of what he has been through? Does the end ever justify the means?

                    Tim Baber, SouthCoast


                    Beachhutman on twitter for updates, though Mengele born in 1911 was it? will be dead by now. He had nicknames, Beppo was a good one, I wish I knew that when I met him. the meeting migt have lasted a smidgeon longer.  though he worked for the West when caught which led to false death reports and DNAfudges

                    Just the FAct, Denver

                    Never said that. More Jew propaganda.


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