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Arem, LondonArem, London
Arem, London

The battle is about to begin ......... when the realisation of how the banking system has made us slaves to their monetary system - sinks in! The current global economic crisis is but the first signs - when from a state of concern and fear we will turn to aggression - the war against the banking structure!

Arem, London

Fellow commentators, with the few exceptions above, we all are right from our individual perspectives. For those who wish to truly understand not just what Aristotle was saying, but what is said in the Torah, what was said by Jesus, what is in the New Testament, the Koran and said by many others including Shakespeare in his plays, is to first believe within oneself, in a totally different value system other than the one that 'directs' most of us globally, in our day to day lives which permeates not only us as individuals, but us as a family, as a community, a society, as a nation! If you are truly interested in taking the first step to understand what Aristotle said and why ...... then 'google' the term "Money as Debt" and spend around 40 odd minutes to watch what could be a documentary that will hopefully instigate some understanding of the world we are living in and the extent to which we have been and continue to be held 'captive' by the financial structure! The current global economic crisis speaks for itself! Remember, this is just the first step to understanding -- to truly 'understand and feel' the change we need to undergo, then each of us needs to be ready to make a paradigm shift of the belief structure most of us have today -- be it economic, scientific, social, spiritual or cosmic! Take care and best wishes

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