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Bill, MemphisBill, Memphis
Bill, Memphis

Sounds like the perfect answer to today's America. It's painfully obvious that Amerca's decline mirrors Rome's last days. The fools remained perched on couches worried about sports (or spectators watching the gladiators), the ignorant poor and illegal aliens drain society of dollars and commit crimes (as they did in Rome also). Corrupt leaders who have affairs publcly and make excuses for it. Wars against peoples whose only crime was being born in the wrong place. Lies, deceit, money disappearing; America would be so lucky to be so highly regarded. -- Gary, Checotah

Bill, Memphis

Bush/Cheney are not the problem except in the sense that they made it possible for the next administration to lace up the boot, and that's what's about to happen. Socialism always fails, but it often murders thousands in the process. Just read Hayek. I can only hope I will not live to see what my grandchildren will have to deal with.

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