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Conner, KnoxvilleConner, Knoxville
Conner, Knoxville

It's been a slow, slow process, but one must take a look at the entire history of this nation- for years now the rights recognized by our constitution in the morning years of our country have been slowly, cautiously modified or removed. This has been a bipartisan thing. No 'party' is to blame. The Federalist system put in place years ago has been corrupted, and grown. Any time power is centralized, it will become corrupt. Did Lord Acton not say "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."? No single man is to blame. I am not silencing any one of you. Voicing opinion is a beauty of our nation. Our government is too large, though, and I say if it is the will of the people to take arms, then let them rise up. Government needs to fear the people, and it's always revolution season. I am fifteen years old, and I realize this. I often wonder why the old men who sit in our Capital can not. Thank you if you read this with open eyes and an open mind, like we all should have.

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