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Dave Beaulieu, Lake Geneva, WIDave Beaulieu, Lake Geneva, WI
Dave Beaulieu, Lake Geneva, WI

There is a Metro Goldwyn Mayer movie from 1934 you can find on Youtube titled House of Rothschild. This paints a rather glorified picture of them but if you watch the part when Nathan Rothschild sent scouts out to see who was winning the last Napoleonic war he knew a full day in advance that England was losing so he stood on the trading room floor and said "sell" which created a panic! He coerced them to believe that England was losing and in doing so everything plummeted and Rothschild bought it all back up at a fraction of its worth and bankrupted England. It has been a family practice to bankrupt nations through the lending of money and manipulation of war. They control nations, including and especially the United States via the Federal Reserve Bank! Woodrow Wilson sold out the American people in 1913 by allowing both the Federal Reserve Act to be unconstitutionally passed and also making permanent the "slave" or income tax! Since then, the Federal Government answers to these criminal elites who control the money supply which is why our elected government is unable to operate properly.

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