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Donna, Vancouver, CanadaDonna, Vancouver, Canada
Donna, Vancouver, Canada

A leader could accomplish anything if given the tools...let's say making your underlings responsible for murder on a daily basis until they get a real feel for it, kill anyone who stands in your way and get away with it (mmm that sounds familar...say fundamentalist extreemist islam), enlist and be determined to find every nutcase with weird visions of what to do to a human body dead or alive (cut it's head off, drag it through the streets, burn it, hang it from a bridge like in Iraq (so nice..not!), have people on staff who smoke and like to see and smell other people smoking as well, be a coward and run to the bunker at the sign things are going to hell. Be a coward and kill yourself because you know what the world will want to do to you when they see you ( but what he wouldn't have known is how merciful us sane people are). Send out signals to other nutcases in the future who think there is a boogey man under every damn Jew, black, white, Singaporean, American, Australian, etc. etc., so they will waste their lives in dreams of overcoming the “bad guy”. You can find someone to hate at every turn. Love, for a change...for a change of our world.

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