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Doug McCreight, Springfield, VADoug McCreight, Springfield, VA
Doug McCreight, Springfield, VA

Exactly right Brother Dudley. This is agitprop 101 from your friendly apparatchik in your local school.

Doug McCreight, Springfield, VA

Logan - thank you for making my point. I say there are undeniable evils and I don't care whose society it's in. One of them is killing defenseless, helpless people. As in Rwanda, POTUS equivocated about going in to stop the massacres because he thought, wrongly, that there was no way to identify bad guys from good guys. Well....there certainly was, and is, today. Anybody who does not stop chopping up defenseless women and children gets 2 rounds between the eyes. Then when everybody's who's massacring is either dead or stops doing it, we can sit down, pass around the kool aid and cookies and discuss being open-minded - in Bantu.

Doug McCreight, Springfield, VA

Hey Waffler - so what happens when the Open-Minded have to decide between being free and fighting to stay so, or surrendering and being a slave or murdered at the public stoning?

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