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“'Parent choice' proceeds from the belief that the purpose of education is to provide individual students with an education. In fact, educating the individual is but a means to the true end of education, which is to create a viable social order to which individuals contribute and by which they are sustained. 'Family choice' is, therefore, basically selfish and anti-social in that it focuses on the 'wants' of a single family rather than the 'needs' of society.”

~ Association of California School Administrators

(ACSA, October 1979) Ref: Policy Issues for the 1990s, By Ray C. Rist, page 738, also see Presbyterian Journal, December 5, 1979

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Ben, Orem, UT

Also BS

Dudley, Georgetown, In.

Sounds like a quote from Russia.

Doug McCreight, Springfield, VA

Exactly right Brother Dudley. This is agitprop 101 from your friendly apparatchik in your local school.

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Anonymous    1/8/09

And just who do they think has the right to decide what "is best for society", eh?

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Three for truth and withheld two for lack of diplomacy. I was an Agent with a High School Foreign Exchange Student Agency. The students and host families think the program is to somehow enrich their lives and have some fun socializing with each other. The Agents and operators of these programs world wide know that it is for a "higher" purpose which is getting the world to know and understand each other better. I think that is all that the administrator is saying above. Of course people see things from their own perspective and professional educators see the education "game" in a different way than do parents. Of course most of them are parents also. Give 'em a break!

Bryan Morton, Stuart, Florida

I love the way individuals and families are said to have "wants" while "society has "needs." The fact that society is a fictitious entity, really nothing more than a word to describe groups of individuals and that what achieves the best outcome for the individuals within the group IS what is best for "society" seems to escape the socialist mindset. Of course, seeing through the fog of their rhetoric, it is obvious that it's not really about what's best, it's about what they believe is best for them, who has control and limiting diversity of thought. Learn to march to our tempo and sing our songs and we'll all be good and productive and happy...slaves. I love Big Brother.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

Good "truth speaking". It does not say that it is always wrong, just lays it on the line as to what trade-off is being made.

jim k, auston

So, the comrads in California speak. Are we sure that this is not a quote from Karl Marx ?

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Anon    1/8/09

Are you sure this wasn't said by Kruschev or Stalin?

Michelle, Chippewa Falls

IWHAT?! The family is the most fundamental FOUNDATION of society and they are saying they should have more control over a child's education than the parents of that child?! Why don't we just give up our children to the state, at birth, since they can know what is better for us all.......I am soooo glad I don't live in Califormia! If I could give this quote negative stars, it would be -1000. Jim K., yes, the comrads have spoken!

E Archer, NYC

"Aw, gee, give the school administrators a break -- don't you realize they are trying to create a 'social order' to make the world a better place?" Give ME a break, and give me and my children the knowledge and skills necessary for taking care of ourselves, our familes, our community, and our nation. We don't need a contrived social order based on the whims of mass psychologists.

Mike, Norwalk

"It is thus necessary that the individual should finally come to realize that his own ego is of no importance in comparison with the existence of the nation, that the position of the individual is conditioned solely by the interests of the nation as a whole." (Adolf Hitler, 1889-1945) hmm, either Hitler is one of the Association of California School Administrators or, they're just parroting old party line. Of course the family is the center of all society. I remember back in economics 101 where it was taught that when there was one bread winner in the household prices and life styles adjust to such scenario. When a second income source enters the scenario, prices adjust and the life style remains static. When the parents educate, it is the child that is the focus. When government educates, it is the alien collective ethos that is the focus. Society benefits from the family focused child. Society denigrates from the collective's dumbing down. It is easy to tell here who the slave minded and liberty challenged socialists are.

KrlyQ, Irving, TX

Michelle is absolutely correct, "The family is the most fundamental FOUNDATION of society..." and when families decide for themselves how to educate their children, these grow up to be the BEST citizens for that socieity. Parent's want what's best for their children, and know how to impart wisdom and concern for others into their education.

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RBESRQ    1/8/09

I perfectly agree. We (America) are fast becoming isolated not only towards other nations but also within our communities and this is yet another vehicle to speed up the process. Parents, I agree, should be responsible in helping their child to become educated while helping the educational process by early learning and encouragement. Children must be free of parental intolerance and indifference, they must have the freedom to choose their own path in the world. State education, as the basis by which children can obtain education, must be the norm, all else can be extra curricula. Children should not be made to believe in their parents philosophy or religion they should be free to choose. Furthermore, Parents have no experience in the very complex attributes that are necessary in the education of a child. And lastly, there is nothing so damaging to the growth of a child than isolating them from other children.

Jim, Houston

This is why I...1.) Fled the left coast (my birthplace) in 98 for good, and...2.) Chose to put kids in private school.

Flicktripper, Red Deer, AB, CA

The REAL problem with this quote is that: 1) There is probably other context surrounding it: that would make it far less inflammatory. 2) Taken in this context does lead one to believe that The Dead Kennedys were right when Jello Biafra penned Uberalis California.

Ken, Allyn, WA

I wonder, was there a "viable social order" before there was universal public education? Did an orderly society suddenly pop into existence in the 19th century? Is our society more civilized than 18th century society? I doubt it.

Mike, Norwalk

RBESRQ, that may be the densest thing I've ever read on this blog. That even makes Waffler sound like a King Solomon. It is way beyond mere stereo typing, and despotic propaganda, it is just stupid. Thanks for the laugh. Do you really believe that, or did you just say that to see what kind of rise you could get?

Nancy, Lancaster

Apparently, the purpose of education is to create robots who only toe the party line taught in the public schools. What a frightening society we will have if our government is ever stupid enough to force all students to attend public schools. The idea of family choice argues that parents might actually know their children better than the bureaucrats teaching in the schools, and be better able to fit the child's educational experience to the child's needs.

KrlyQ, Irving, TX

RBESRQ, you wrote, "Children must be free of parental intolerance and indifference, they must have the freedom to choose their own path in the world." How would children being taught by government officials be any different? Everyone brings their personal beliefs into the realm, be it education, politics, etc. Why should the government's 'intolerance' take precedence over the parent's 'intolerance'?

Moishe Gonzales, Half Moon Bay, CA

Totalitarianism, pure and simple. The irony is that those bureaucrats who espouse this garbage believe that they are "saving" us from ourselves. Beware of the do-gooders and helping professions. They are 21st century Nazis.

Gary, Oklahoma City, OK

Apparently, some here don't comprehend the ratings system being used. A "thumbs down" means you think the quote is NOT good evidence that the New World Order exists. Quite to the contrary, this quote says the state - not parents - are the best judge of what the purpose of education is and that, therefore, parents should have no say in how their children are educated. I believe most of us would emphatically disagree, thus I rate this quote a five, meaning that it is clearly indicative of the trend toward a global police state.

Anonymous, Hampton, VA

I would very much like to see confirmation of this quote source but have not yet had any response from this website.

Gina, Santa Rosa

Why is it that when I go to school and try advocate for the best interest of my child, I am told many reasons why it can't be done? The viable social order seems to repress those who think outside the box while claiming that is what they are doing.

Steven, Bellevue

I "Firmly" believe the writer needs to immigrate to Russia where their thoughts and beliefs are desired. There is absolutely no place in American society for this way of thinking. If anybody believes as this writer does they are dangerous to our children and to American society in general. Hitler and Stalin come to mind when I read things such as this...

A Mother, Santa Cruz, CA

This quote is horrific! Please, if any of you believe this quote holds truth, read We The Living by Ayn Rand - and see if that is the type of life you want your children to experience.

Jack, Dallas, TX

RBESRQ...... You must be a communist, socialist, marxist or an Obama supporter. Either way you are absolutely WRONG. This country began without "State Education", which you grew up with and obviously benefitted from, and grew to a point where an absolute idiot like you could make such an absurd statement using a computer, that you learned how to use in a way that was not "state sanctioned," but allowed you to try and spread your socialist, communist, and marxist views concerning education which obviously you didn't attend, otherwise you would not have been able to use a computer. If you don't like it here, move to China. There you can have the state raise and educate your children, unless you have more than 2, then the state will need to "reduce" the number of children you have or can have. Enjoy.

CP, Nashville

disgusting. translate that to German. it'll be eerily familiar.

RW, Bham, Alamama

"I would very much like to see confirmation of this quote source but have not yet had any response from this website." -- Anonymous, Hampton, VA Hey Anonymous, why doncha email, phone, or write the Association of California School Administrators and ask them direct? Surely the Association of California School Administrators wouldn't lie to ya. [smile].

Vedapushpa, Bangalore

'Family Choice' is not so much anti-social but it is 'anti public'...particularly for those who get on to the job of political governance. They need to have got so 'objective' as to be able to include their family and friends in the 'public' arena - which is indeed the only right objective-- Impersonal but yet Sensitive.

Don Lee, RENO

This is counter culture chaos akin to self hate. As per Shakespeare, "Self love is not so vile a sin as self neglect ."~ American culture


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