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Hank Rearden, Burr Ridge ILHank Rearden, Burr Ridge IL
Hank Rearden, Burr Ridge IL

Our populace has been engineered into foolishness by the education sector, which has relentlessly nudged young brains to be concerned about social justice, sexuality (Heather has 2 Mommies, the transgender fascination etc ) philanthropy and over - education. Does one really need to go into debt and miss out on 4 years of earnings to garner a degree in Womyn's Studies (yes this is how the University of Michigan spells it) or social justice or Black Studies etc? Our young have been encouraged to go into non-profits, or volunteer in (sometimes dangerous) third world countries or war zones. This does not promote self reliance or the continuity of our society, but that is precisely the point. This gentle propaganda strategy augments the Left's importation of a population that knows little of our history and cares even less.
What history has been taught to our millenials has been revised to fit the America bad, white European bad, Christian bad, Indian good, poverty good, Islam contributed to the greatness of America, the Founding Fathers were atheists, etc.
Now they have decided that every dead slave owner needs to be defined only by that one aspect of his life...George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson - there will be no end.

No millenial was ever enslaved; no millenial ever was a slave owner. Yet the vitriol of their activities one hundred and fifty years later is breathtaking. The viciousness with which they attack statues of the confederacy is astonishing and yet they will actually accomplish nothing. This rage and enthusiasm should have been directed by their parents and teachers toward accomplishment rather than destruction.

Hank Rearden, Burr Ridge IL

This is the antithesis of our statist government's philosophy: take no responsibility and suffer no consequences for your actions (though there are consequences for employing your 1st amendment right) Example: Single mothers - once there were 2 kinds - widows (deserving poor) and unwed mothers (engaging in activity that creates s burdensome situation for society or family) a person with cancer (deserving poor) or an alcoholic/ drug addict (engaging in activity that detracts from productivity) Now, there are just sick people in need of medical attention. See how it works? No judgments. The dissolution of a once great society of strong and purposeful people, so everyone can be called ....nice. Actually, I would not judge these people either except that I as a producer am now required to fork over the wealth of my family to support these activities (social security, unemployment compensation, workman comp, disability, Section 8 housing, EBT cards - the new food stamp with no stigma, Medicaid.

Hank Rearden, Burr Ridge IL

Same number of hours, true, but did any of these people grow up with television? Video Games? Texting?

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