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“The first step to truly living a good and fearless life, is accepting responsibility for your actions. Accepting what part you had in any situation. Difficult, to say the least, but liberating.”

~ Jann Arden

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Mike, Norwalk

Though the occupying statist theocracy (police state) may, at its/their whim, place me in prison any day for being a Christian Freeman (loving my enemies, blessing them that curse me, doing good to them that hate me, and pray for them which despitefully use me, and persecute me & assuming among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle me), I take responsibility for my own actions and fear not the consequences. Life is good then it just gets better.

Hank Rearden, Burr Ridge IL

This is the antithesis of our statist government's philosophy: take no responsibility and suffer no consequences for your actions (though there are consequences for employing your 1st amendment right) Example: Single mothers - once there were 2 kinds - widows (deserving poor) and unwed mothers (engaging in activity that creates s burdensome situation for society or family) a person with cancer (deserving poor) or an alcoholic/ drug addict (engaging in activity that detracts from productivity) Now, there are just sick people in need of medical attention. See how it works? No judgments. The dissolution of a once great society of strong and purposeful people, so everyone can be called ....nice. Actually, I would not judge these people either except that I as a producer am now required to fork over the wealth of my family to support these activities (social security, unemployment compensation, workman comp, disability, Section 8 housing, EBT cards - the new food stamp with no stigma, Medicaid.

jim k, austin tx

Every problem I had was a result of bad choices I made. No one was to blame but me.

Ron w13, Or
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Ron w13, Or    5/9/14

Our families have been forking it over sense 1937. A chicken in the pot has become the monster of today. To confess sooths for a day, to repent ( turn away) changes one for a life time.

cal, Lewisville

And worst Ron w13, Or is that others today feel entitled to what we have taken from us via taxes to support welfare payments, food stamps, and medicaid.


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