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Henry Rearden, Burr Ridge ILLHenry Rearden, Burr Ridge ILL
Henry Rearden, Burr Ridge ILL

We are about to put the traitorous Broker of our State Department into the White House to complete the destruction that the Manchurian Kenyan Indonesian Hawaiian Candidate began. She's a lot scarier than Prevaricant Obama.. Just ask Vince Foster.

Henry Rearden, Burr Ridge ILL

Yes the precious knowledge of our nation's history and Constitution should be instilled in all our children - and sometime in junior or senior year of high school they must also be taught basic economics and taxation - especially the socialism taxes that the employer silently forks over to the government - Medicaid, Disability, 7.65% of payroll for Social Security, Unemployment Compensation and Workman Comp, though the check goes to an insurance company it is the same as a tax because it is compulsory (even John Roberts could figure that out about Obamacare)
The very biggest lie is that most of our populace does not write a check for the taxes that they pay - and therefore it is out of sight, out of mind.

Henry Rearden, Burr Ridge ILL

Charles and David Koch - the evil Koch Brothers - have give something like 165 million dollars to charitable causes - they employ in the neighborhood of 100,000 Americans and they manufacture wonderful products like Northern Bath Tissue.
When you hear a socialist ranting about them think about the 100,000 families that benefit from their aegis and the charities that have enjoyed their largesse. Really those charities that have taken money from them should be speaking out and defending them since our society regards non - profits as one of the "noble" pursuits in life, along with government 'service' and 'education' as careers. Once in America we regarded being an employer to be a noble pursuit. No more.

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