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“The reason this country continues its drift toward socialism and big nanny government is because too many people vote in the expectation of getting something for nothing, not because they have a concern for what is good for the country. A better educated electorate might change the reason many persons vote. If children were forced to learn about the Constitution, about how government works, about how this nation came into being, about taxes and about how government forever threatens the cause of liberty perhaps we wouldn't see so many foolish ideas coming out of the mouths of silly old men.”

~ Lyn Nofziger

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MK, Houston, TX


Joe, Rochester, MI

This explains why I vote Libertarian. I will never again vote republican, let alone democratic. Foolish ideas from silly old men is correct.

Ed, Houston

Giving money for ANYTHING other than national defense to our national government is unconstitutional and theft ! And I am tired of being robbed every payday.

Dick, Fort Worth

Nofzinger's quotation is grotesque in its ignorance. The threat of govenment is never in the direction of socialism; it is forever being pushed by the rightists, by the doctrine nothing less than fascism. any reading of real history bears this out.

E Archer, NYC

Fascism IS socialism -- the Nazi party was Germany's national socialist party. The danger is the usurpation of power of the government from the People -- it doesn't matter what you call it, but it ain't Liberty. An autocracy of any kind is not the government established by the People.

E Archer, NYC

Nazi: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Worker's Party)

David L. Rosenthal, Hollywood

I thought that the reason had to do with the perpetual indoctrination and propaganda programs carried out in public schools and universities, in the Congress, and in Hollywood, which implant erroneous ideas in the weak minds of uninformed homonids. Go ahead, educate them. But, as Carl Sanders wrote in the last line of poem #10 of "The people, Yes," ......."Don't expect too much."

Ted S., NY
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Ted S., NY    6/21/06

Nofziger is obviously right that governement forever threatens freedom and that people vote with the expectation of getting something for nothing. But the implied solution, forcing children "to learn" sounds even worse. Who is going to do the forcing? And what learning has comes from force? This sounds like the education of Stalin or Pol Pot, not free Americans.

J. B. Wulff, Bristol

As long as government runs the schools and/or sets standards for what will be taught, we should not expect an intelligent population as a result. Stir in unionized teachers and all hope is lost. Teaching was considered a profession, but that has gone by the wayside. If you really want to be frightened with what is going on in schools, look into attention deficit disorder. The little darlings can now be drugged. Brave New World anyone?

Waffler, Smith

Nofziger's opinion that there is a drift is just his opinion. States, towns, and villages are often stepping on peoples Constitutional Rights. The Feds whom some prefer to call big government or socialists protect us and the Constitution from being trampled on by these little would be dictators or Nazi states. Fascism and Nazi'sm is not socialism, it is statism and one man dictatorship, Socialism and Communism particularly talks like Archer and dreams of the withering away of the state. Good job Ted it seems you really nailed down the mind of Nofziger by analysing his "forcing kids" comment. So who really is the socialist or the Nazi.

J Carlton, Calgary

Teaching the Constitution would be a wonderful start on the road back to liberty. Unfortunately that's not what our government(s) want. They want control of their tax inventory..."us". And the hardest people to control are, educated, affluent and armed. Ergo: Dumb them down in school, take their money through aggressive taxation and get control of the guns. And voila...a nation of sheep to be fleeced at will.

Justin, Elkland

By not "forcing" children to learn about our founding and the Constitution we deprive them of their citizenship, allowing them instead to become dependents. And to answer your question Waffler, I think you might be more socialist than Nazi but I don't know you that well.

Justin, Elkland

Also, Waffler, if you feel like you are living in a would-be Nazi Town you must be living at Smith College in Northampton. I suggest you move to a more free part of the country like Smith, Tennessee or Smith Talahassee, Alabama or even Fort Smith, Arkansas.

don fleming, novi, mich 48375

Lyn, you are profound. I have been saying that for years yet the masses-r-asses are exactly what you state, they want something for nothing and they want someone else to do the work. Keep up your great and profound writing(s).

don fleming, novi, mich 48375

In addition, as some of the aforementioned writers have stated, the government schools and the totally, controlled media have dumbed-down the masses-r-asses to the point that they actually believe that government can solve problems: The government, not of us, IS the problem!

jim k, austin

don fleming, your comments are correct. If you ever decide to leave the cold winters and high taxes of Michigan, come on down to Texas. Mild winters and NO state income tax.

Mike, Norwalk

Some excellent comments. The intentional dumbing down of America by school, abusive government, media, etc. has not only denied the history and concepts of freedom and liberty to the hearts and minds of the once sovereigns but has replaced it with a stupid materialism and dependence on totalitarian government. Force is a problem, as it relates to the totalitarian state, learning implementation in a public education and, does detract from an otherwise extremely accurate assessment.

Jim, Sutherland

Which is why we need a party dedicated to following the Constitution and commited to do what is right for thr company.

waypasthadenough, Taylor County, Kentucky. CSA

This quote got me started: snip Real human Liberty is preserved for that tiny minority that really values it, and there are more layers of those than will be examined here. The rest will never understand it or give a damn about it. snip for the rest, go here:

Paul, Gig Harbor, WA

To Ted & Waffler: Is "forcing" children to study the Constitution statism? Not if it is the parent who is the one forcing. I would hope Nofziger also believes in ending public (govt) education, which is one of the engines of despotic govt. Big govt lives on only when it can control the minds of the next generation.

Waffler, Smith

Whoa guys whoa! The quote wasn't that bad but just the word "force" should have turned you all livid. I always that liberty lovers were against force. Yes children should learn the constitution, I know I did and am refreshing myself with it daily. There are so many adults on this site that don't know it at all. Some say that the purpose of the constitution was to protect our liberties, that is not correct. The purpose of the constituion is in the preamble "in order to form a more perfect union" etc. Now there our protections in the Bill of Rights but I just point this out to remind us how slanted, thoughtless or stupid some adults are while the same time they want to "force" children.

Timothy Ray, Gainesville, FL

Nofziger hasn't got a clue to either what the Constitution says and does or about who is really benefiting from our 'nanny state.' The truth is that it has been set up by conservatives congresses to further protect and enrich to wealthy who fund their legislative campaigns. Very few members of either house of congress get elected with support from poor and working people, because they cannot fund the necessary war chest. Election publicity should be totally publicly financed, as the only way to escape from the policy of "you must pay to play."

jim k, Austin, Tx

Both dems and repubs must share the blame for the mess we're in. Plus the ignorant voters that reelect them.

Diana, USA
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    Diana, USA    4/22/13

    Timothy Ray,
    If what you say is true, Why are there SO MANY RICH Democrat politicians!! (Probably more RICH Demos than Conservatives) and don't be fooled by the rhetoric. Look who became RICH, AFTER they were elected to an office.

    Crona-, Death City

    I don't know how to DEAL with rhetorical questions!...

    Mary - MI
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    Mary - MI    4/23/13

    Kudos to Lyn Nofziger, except I would change the word "forced" to "instilled!"

    Henry Rearden, Burr Ridge ILL

    Yes the precious knowledge of our nation's history and Constitution should be instilled in all our children - and sometime in junior or senior year of high school they must also be taught basic economics and taxation - especially the socialism taxes that the employer silently forks over to the government - Medicaid, Disability, 7.65% of payroll for Social Security, Unemployment Compensation and Workman Comp, though the check goes to an insurance company it is the same as a tax because it is compulsory (even John Roberts could figure that out about Obamacare)
    The very biggest lie is that most of our populace does not write a check for the taxes that they pay - and therefore it is out of sight, out of mind.

    Robert, Somewhere in Europe

    A quote without intellect!

    Rodger Whistler, San Diego

    I think the silly old men have won

    Ronw13, Yachats OR

    We are not Drifting, hell, we have been their for many years ! Ripped from the hands of parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. Depending on ones age. Slowly tightening and shortening the chains ! Re-creation thriving on the destruction of another persons inheritance and wealth. Hearth and Home of the independent sovereign. I never cared for the metric system myself ! Bullshit entanglements with foreign interest on a global scale ! Merchants, Industrial, and Mills ! The silly socialist old men on both sides of the isle are about to get their ass kicked. THE LABORER IS WORTH HIS DUE !


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