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Janet, MfldJanet, Mfld
Janet, Mfld

Would like to add that every States Preamble mentions God,or one of His Three Persons..
America was founded on the Bible two Books most used in its founding and quoted by our Founders are the Books of DEUT. and LEV.
No other religion took part or allow to take part in America founding ,why would a Christian people ,.let people of a pagan religion take part in writting a Bill ,signing a Bill or holding an Office .n and not one of a pagan religion did neither was their religious belief used as a foundation .. America was founded for the Glory of God and His,Christ ,Yeshuas Gospel .. America was not found on many religions of many gods..Just One God and Him Lord and King

Janet, Mfld

Quoting Separate Church and State is not in the Constitution.. no mention of Church,State,separate or a wall.. That was writ in a letter to the Danbury Baptist in Danbury CT. they mis-understood the First Amendment to mean the goverment would choose one of the Christian Sect (Denominations ) to be over all other Christian Sects.. There were Thirteen Colonies and seven of them were Church run states ,that is they were actually funded by the goverment ,,if you look the founding of he thirteen states you will see everyone of them were founded by a Christian Sect (Denomination) The First Amendment was writ by Christians for Christians,that is to protect every Christian Sect from becoming dominated by just one.. Here is the facts to run for and hold an Office the requirement was (before and after the First Amendment) one had to be a Christian,but where the problem arose was that though one was a CHristian they also had to be of that Colonys Christian Denomination to hold an Office ,if they were running for an Office in that Colony ..look up each Colonys Christian founding ,they became concern that sometime that one of the Christian Sect may like in England be given position over all other Sect ( Christian)

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