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John Mann, KalamazooJohn Mann, Kalamazoo
John Mann, Kalamazoo

Yea, Brothers and Sisters, let us place heedless faith in Goldman Sachs, controlled media, deep well marine drilling and thoroughly fixed markets (check again Goldman Sachs). They will provide us freedom without the need for vigilance and labor on our part.

John Mann, Kalamazoo

Socialism works fine in western Europe and for millions of US seniors existing on Social Security. Europe has largely eliminated the worst ravages of poverty and find it necessary to imprison about about one person for every ten America has in a cage. Government can't create jobs? What about the millions of reservist and active duty military personnel our taxes employ busily killing people of alternative color and faith around the world -- to say nothing of the private mercenary armies like Blackwater/Xe we have in the field? And what about people employed by the likes of Boeing and Lockheed Martin. That's just the defense sector, folks. RBESRQ nailed it.

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