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John-Douglas, PhippenJohn-Douglas, Phippen
John-Douglas, Phippen

Don't forget, after the Declaration came the battle to establish Liberty (i.e. the American Revolution) otherwise she would have been stillborn. And the way things are now, far too many Americans have shirked the responsibility of guarding her,

John-Douglas, Phippen

The heck with funding, bimished or otherise. Building new edifices to ignorance and illiteracy is no answer. Cut out the perversity of evolution, which only seems to get deeper into the muck it claims we come from with each new revelation of anthropology. It is a false 'science' - even a religion - which has no base on hard evidence. It is based on academic make-believe and intolerance and is totally unworthy of being taught is our schools as a mandatory subject to the excusion of creativity.

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