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“By a Declaration, Liberty is born. With Courage she is nourished, and with unceasing Commitment she is guarded.”

~ Eric Schaub

The Common Man, 2003

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John Spencer, Los Gatos, CA

In your welcoming message you wrote: "Freedom can only be secured through vigilant exercise of our "natural-born rights." However, I have come to think that our freedom and values are articulated and secured by the speech and writings of thoughtful persons like yourself and those you have been selecting for Liberty Tree. Our "natural-born rights" have been developed out of social experience such as with the Liberty Tree that I value. Many thanks.

Debbie Cline, Pilot Mountain, NC

This reminds me so much of marriage. We have the freedom to chose our mates, and with courage we face the battles life throws at us. Through committment to each other, we win and reap the rewards that marriage affords each mate. Thank you for your patriotic quote, and I hope you like what I drew from it, too. Thanks for your deep thought.

John-Douglas, Phippen

Don't forget, after the Declaration came the battle to establish Liberty (i.e. the American Revolution) otherwise she would have been stillborn. And the way things are now, far too many Americans have shirked the responsibility of guarding her,

Mike, Norwalk

Thanks Eric for all your continued efforts.

E Archer, NYC

Being free is an active thing -- no one can give it to you.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Ultimately, Freedom is a state of spiritual and mental being.

As it is written:

" Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty."

Ronw13, 0regon

" If thou shalt confess with thy mouth." A Free Will Association by confession. Homologoumenos, ( without controversy ) it is simplicity in order to form a more perfect union. Thank you Eric, cheers and God Bless. Semper FI


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