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Mark W., Aurora, COMark W., Aurora, CO
Mark W., Aurora, CO

A better more relevant question today would be: WHY have all Our lefties crossed the line all of a sudden, to find themselves outlaws when it comes to Our Constitutional Liberty?

For a couple on months now, I have been querying on various lefty posts for any lefty to posit any traditional American value they uphold -- so far I have gotten ZERO replies.

America's NWO-brainwashed left walks away from Liberty, right into NWO tyranny.

Mark W., Aurora, CO

I think Mister Bigbear is a twisted snowflake full of hatred: America has done some horrible things, but nothing approaching the nazi death camps -- good grief, Jimi!!

To E Archer - I believe We arrive at a turning point for all mankind, I have little doubt that most of the world's downtrodden are quite ready to shirk their despotic binds and enjoin an American-style Constitutional sovereignty form of limited govt and Liberty for all.

Uncle Sham has become a sad shadow of Founders' original intent, alas I fear most Americans today believe in the govt-as-Santa viewpoint fomented by the totalitarian globalists and Our very own 2-party gang-rapists in the District of Criminals.


Mark W., Aurora, CO

If a lefty read this quote, they would be cheering for their communist politicians whilst rioting agin Our robust economy..

Mark W., Aurora, CO

American history has been suppressed and redacted versions taught in its rightful place.

Thank God for internet and brave True Journalists delivering Truth to circumvent and erode TPTB whom give Us fake CIA creations like Hussein-Obama -- ALAS, so many millions so far irretrievably brainwashed by academia/MSM, these Bernie-believers/traitoress voters are now by default all enemies of American Liberty.

SCARY TO THINK how bloody Our Civil War was, with enough bloodshed to drown all other American losses since: if We fail to disarm these anti-American lefties, I fear there will be few peaceful options left as they press more and more militantly against Liberty as We MAGA.

Mark W., Aurora, CO


I thank Mike in Norwalk for his wonderful post! I laugh at the Waffler when he blurts that, ..."the Federal Governmet was and still is in the business of insuring LIBERTY for all just as it did by winning the Civil War"... - what a bunch of rubbish right there -- the feds have only ever been about sucking Our sovereign power along w/Our Liberty!

I believe the quote delivers an EXCELLENT COROLLARY illustrating an unbroken line, from support of slavery by socialists to the support of govt-as-god as practiced by today's lefty plantation masters (in cahoots w/rotten GOP). DOES NOT this quote and attitude dovetail seamlessly with today's totalitarian fascist-socialist anti-American democrat/sjw mentality??

Mark W., Aurora, CO

Systemic hatred - of all that's traditionally American, or which smacks of Liberty for the individual sovereign - a perfect description of today's anti-American lefty, whose toxic and spiteful rhetoric mirrors the jist of this insightful quote precisely!

Take away their systemic hatred, and where would that leave today's groundless Sheeple, as We MAGA?

Mark W., Aurora, CO

dunno what is more FETTERED these days; MSM, or brainwashed kool-aid-swilling consumers thereof??

Mark W., Aurora, CO

Rather reminds me of phony Pope Francis, when he admonishes his proletariat sheeple that everyone must accept the globalists' NWO doctrines, else be branded by RCC as "coprophags" for seeing otherwise.

When RCC compares Truthers to coprophags -- YOU KNOW the secular is FAILING in its satanic edicts.

Mark W., Aurora, CO

When it comes to disagreements among rinos, I am all for the eradication of NWO operatives such as traitors of Liberty, McCain and Graham. Rahm Emanuel WILL eventually get arrested and prosecuted for his seditious crimes against America and humanity.

In an age where the world awakens to unite against Our tyrants, Good people of all nations find unity in shirking-off Our oppressors and establishing the individual sovereignty God intended for all mankind; on the other hand, We have the fascist-leftists dictating their divisive hatespeak directed toward We more highly-evolved LOVING PATRIOTS, as We flee the confines of the demtard/rino slavery plantation.

Emanuel on A-list for formal necktie party invite.

Mark W., Aurora, CO

This is the precise idea behind the left's present demonisation of whitey, and all that's traditionally Christian-American; the fascist left's dogma of attacking Our Liberty cannot work as long as they cannot gain the high ground from We Patriots - therefor conservative whitey must be the focal point of lefty sedition.

Hitler was correct, and it's what empowers The Donald, as the Orange Sunrise shines daily upon the swamp which all decent Americans despise

E Archer has warped perspective: there is absolutely NO DOWNSIDE in the zealous practice of American (or any other) Nationalism -- which is exactly why TPTB must squelch its appeal and cast it as somehow wrong to be proudly Patriotic -- BECAUSE THE INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGN IS THE TARGET OF THE NWO.

Mike in Norwalk apparently has zero interest nor ability to discern the very real differences between Constitutional Right, and fascist immoral left. OUR LIBERTY IS NOT UP FOR GRABS, you lefties can go find some common "middle ground" somewhere over in EU where lefty lunacy reigns supreme alongside the raping-pillaging islamic monsters your ilk is supporting

Mark W., Aurora, CO

How wonderful it is to see Our corrupt govt crumbling along with MSM's spent integrity! The sooner the righties awaken fully to realise FAUX NEWS is simply controlled MSM for right-wing dupes, THE SOONER WE WILL BE ABLE TO MOVE FORWARD ON PROSECUTING Bushes, Clintons, Hussein-Obama, and all Our other derelict swamp traitors.

Main Stream Media and Our District of Criminals, are now nothing more than vestigial in-your-face insults heaped upon decades of duplicitous tyrannic injury; at least We Patriots have the consolation of alert vigilance, as the masses of lost bewildered allowed themselves to be sucked-in by the glittery lies.

Waffler above, is an excellent example of whom I speak, denying free speech is the bastion of the crooked left because illicit lefty positions cannot withstand scrutiny of unbridled inspection balanced against known Truths. Waffling lefties decry Faux, and anything else conservative, that strays from the democrat plantation compendium.

Mark W., Aurora, CO

NWO figured this out decades ago, now we have multiple generations of brainwashed propagandised Sheeple whose beliefs are anathema to Liberty.

Democrat party has taught Sheeple that a majority of idiots trumps superior wisdom of law, as well as Founders' design.

When you think govt is the solution to all problems, it becomes apparent the NWO education program has been wildly successful!

Mark W., Aurora, CO

For me, the crux is at the end: "...more government means less liberty, and liberty is the essence of what it means to be American. Love of liberty is the American ideal." - I believe we are at an impassable point, where a major plurality of "Americans" have been programmed with the thinking that The State should "provide" for all. I fear someday we may be forced to deal with this anti-American class of envious robbers, and the criminal anti-American govt who stoke them.

Mark W., Aurora, CO

Could it be at all possible to enact a universal WELL REGULATED MILITIA composed of all Americans to the extent we can SECURE OUR LIBERTY whenever/wherever it may become threatened? Imagine if we had the full arsenal of our mighty and deadly military capability under MILITIA CONTROL, meaning We People determined its application; were OUR power not controlled by a federal govt, but instead exercised on a basis where those who want could use whatever combined resources, or fraction thereof, as we see fit to arrest criminals and tyrants of humanity both here and abroad - could that be a doable proposition? Would we not have won several wars against global tyrants, and spread Liberty to nearly every corner of Earth who wanted it - and not live in fear of terrorists or traitorous/profiteering govt?


Mark W., Aurora, CO

I agree, that there is a growing and deplorable minority of brainwashed dupes who clamour for ever-more statism, and they are now vehemently advocating the anti-American communist/socialist replacement of our once-great American Liberty. I know it sounds extreme, but I say these misguided misfits are NOT Americans in any way, shape, or form! Let them move to Sweden, or EU, or any other country of their choice - these haywired idiots are crafting themselves into becoming our domestic enemies, and I fear in the very near future we may be forced to expel their anti-American politics from our Liberty-loving country.

While I understand the wisdom and intent of the second half, and agree with Founding Fathers' admonishment to avoid unnecessary entanglements, I do not wholeheartedly subscribe to this edict in its entirety. As evil flourishes when good men stand down and do nothing, I feel U.S.A. should be a forceful advocate of Liberty, and a fearful enemy of tyranny in our world. I would want to stop short of being the global policeman, but I cannot comport standing idly by as mass genocides happen and devilish regimes run rampant. Considering all the illegal wars Uncle Sham puts "our" military through - would not its proper purpose of championing righteousness be a great way to use our ample supply of otherwise amazingly well-intentioned populace of voluntary soldiers, is this not exactly why they choose to serve? GREAT QUOTE, but I knock a couple of stars off for dereliction of Christian ideals upon which we were founded (Constitutional adherence unresolved/notwithstanding). I LOVE Dr. Ron Paul's strict adherence to Constitution and cannot argue with that, but my "Christian" side refuses to watch as tyranny runs amok - both here and abroad.

Mark W., Aurora, CO

THANKS to all you wonderful writers, my semi-literate contributions here would pale by comparison! Suffice to say - we're JUKED. MainStreamMedia has washed-away all traditional values of our once-proud Republic, while our govt has been infiltrated, corrupted, and bought-off by NWO criminals. To paraphrase something I heard the other day - we are no longer a country with a govt; we are now a govt with a country. The new breed of narcissism now practiced by most "Americans" has supplanted and totally forgotten (never knew) the once-firm foundational principles of personal integrity, upon which we based our individual sovereignty, and depended upon to ensure our Liberty. Now our society more resembles a free-for-all, with millions of parasites demanding their "share" of largess, to be extracted from every working sovereign, against our rights and desires that we remain true to our founding. Then comes the Trumpster, fiddling to the debauched masses, appealing to debased "conservatives", who somehow see such a rascal as a would-be "savior" - disheartening and disgusting, all at once - sigh...

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