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Mary - Michigan

That's MSM for you. Slant the news and feed the people propaganda!

Mary - Michigan

The great Yogi Berra could always put a smile on your face.

Mary - Michigan

Excellent quote. Social Engineers need to stay out of everyone's private business and choices and mind their own house.

Mary - Michigan

It seems like neither the Progressives in either the Republican or Democrat Party can get it through their thick heads that ONLY the U.S. Congress has the power and authority to Declare War.
The following needs to be voted into law and then fully acted upon.
"HCR 107, which reasserts the Constitutional clause on Congress' exclusive responsibility to declare war, and states that any president who does not get Congressional authorization before entering war will be immediately subject to impeachment."

Mary - Michigan

When all of our U.S. representatives swear their sacred oath and thus CONTRACT to abide, uphold and adhere to this nation's ONLY Supreme Rule of Law - the U.S. Constitution they are making a vow to stand steadfast to our founding Limited Government Republic.

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