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Mike, Des MoinesMike, Des Moines
Mike, Des Moines

I believe there's a lot of misinformation regarding the relocation camps of Japanese in World War 2, they were not concentration camps they were relocation camps so the population could be dispersed across the continent the Japanese American population was so concentrated on the west coast they were not assimilating in fact a disbursement probably helped the Japanese Americans more than most people realize. the vast majority in these camps had access to jobs, universities and continuing education they were not held behind barbed wire and could move freely in the towns that they were nearby. This continuing missinformation plays into the hands of anti American leftist and professional race baders.

Mike, Des Moines

I think we've past that tipping point that judge Bork talked about in his book Slouching Towards Gamora.

Mike, Des Moines

"What difference does it make?" Benghazi Millstone

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