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Ray, Vancouver, CanadaRay, Vancouver, Canada
RAY, Vancouver, Canada

Justice Clark is right.The problem with the American psyche is they cannot face the obvious truth. When many countries are now trading among each other in their own currency and avoiding the dollar, the totally corrupt and self-serving levels of U.S. government are finished! Peter Schiff and many other U.S. experts are right in forecasting the imminent demise of your country.

As China buys more U.S. companies with worthless U.S. dollars, you WILL learn to speak Chinese. Why else is the U.S. selling everything including your great National Parks to China? In Vancouver, Canada, some stores have become very selective on world currencies.

It is unforgivable that the U.S. over-extended itself financially to the point that they can never repay their debts; and no one can - or wants - to help them.

Ray, Vancouver, Canada

These quotes are timely.The unimpeded growth of the Federal Government has become a growing sore that will not heal. I have lived extensively in the U.S. and am familiar with the politics down to the State level. I emphasize the comment from., cal, lewiville, tx.: LET THE STATES RULE INDEPENDENTLY ON ALL INTERNAL MATTERS. The drug problem can only be minimized, not eradicated. Legalize but monitor carefully.

Ray, Vancouver, Canada

This hits the bullseye of truth.

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