Heywood Hale Broun Quote

“Appeasers believe that if you keep on throwing steaks to a tiger, the tiger will turn vegetarian.”

~ Heywood Hale Broun

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Mike, Norwalk

(-: I like it ;-) Way too much truth there to be too funny. I'm a big fan of doing things the Gandhi way with a small voice whispering; 'keep your powder dry.'

Bangkok, Bangkok

You made me smile Mike

jim k, Austin,Tx

Of course, when you run out of steaks the tiger will eat you.

Justin, Elkland

Appeasers also like drawing a line in the sand. That way the line is easier to erase when they decide to move it back.

E Archer, NYC

Yes, but let's just keep throwing trillions of dollars to the biggest banks and corporations. They just gobble them up while the people have to carry the debt forever.

Johann Hollar, St Paul

What happens when the Tiger wants to eat you and not the steaks? Now that would be funny.

Ray, Vancouver, Canada

This hits the bullseye of truth.

Waffler, Smith

Complementing, petting, feeding, and giving gifts to animals and people are the best known ways to have friends, loyal animals and to get along joyfully in this world. People who do not know this are a sorry lot indeed.

E Archer, NYC

Jeez, Waffler, you are spelling out your philosophy perfectly. Are you sure you can afford to be so honest and expect people to believe that you value freedom? My goodness, seeing your true colors does make me sick.

Waffler, Smith

Are you trying to say Archer that you are dishonest but value freedom. Must we be dishonest in order to value freedom? The quote is a lousy knee jerk quote, a lousy analogy. I have know of people who keep lions and yes they must of course keep them fed or what else would the poor animal do. As far as animal training and winning the hearts and minds of firends, faimily and employees an open handed approach is widely accepted as the successful one. Can you really be this stupid Archer? And of course I mean deserved complements, deserved gifts etcetera. And most folk with Archer the major exception know that a generous personality or heart is returned to one a thousand fold.

E Archer, NYC

Buying 'loyalty' and fostering dependence is a tactic for becoming 'master' over others. Somehow, being treated as a house pet is supposed to bring 'joy.' It becomes no surprise to hear such rhetoric from the poster-boy for collectivist socialism. According to Waffler all we need is a good master who will provide for us and we should be joyful. Just go out there and vote, and hopefully we will get the right masters, right? Sick.


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