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It is unfortunate to read so many posts like yours A proud Army Veteran, Alexandria, Va. that claim that for others to want to hold our government responsible to it's very responsibilities would be treasonous. I too am a very Proud Vet. of the U.S. Army and I am also educated and intelligent enough to view what is going on honestly. Treason, as you apparently need to know was originally and clearly defined by our founding fathers as the ordering of Federal Troops against the Citizens. Not ever did they say that for a person to express their beliefs could ever be considered treason regardless of what it was the person said. Treason is an action, not an expression. I'm embarrassed, yes embarrassed, that another who voluntarily put their life on the line as I did to protect the rights and liberties of not only those we know and love but those we not only know but don't like would say something as sorry as "You're a fuggin idiot and what you just said is treasonous. You need to be blind folded and shot. This is a time of War we are in and your statements of taking down the government are a cause of natural concern." I am also embarrassed that you would choose to be inflamatory and not even be able to write coherently. "are a cause of natural concern." ? You somewhere lost what it means to be a soldier.

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