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Richard, Tillsonburg, Ont.Richard, Tillsonburg, Ont.
Richard, Tillsonburg, Ont.

The Nazis certainly got what they bargained for, Preaching annihilation, it was they who were annihilated. The dreaded Jews, those people whom the Nazi were so opposed to and tried so hard to eliminate, continue to continue. It was the Nazis who acquired new bloodthirsty ruthlessness to their planned genocide and suffered total defeat in a most humiliating way. Capped off with a most cowardly suicide by its most highly venerated leader. Millions paid with their lives in the performance of all this stupidity. The Nazi remnants today slither about, trying to prop up dreams of their thousand year Reich, which has been scrapped off the highway like some squished skunk, watched by history, which can't avert it's stare.

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