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Robert L. Davis, Neboville TNRobert L. Davis, Neboville TN
Robert L. Davis, Neboville TN

How true. Obama is giving the low information folks, the dumbed down students, and the illegal aliens the laws he wants to control them with. Example, the New Patriot Act and Obamacare, etc...

We patriots who are informed and intellegent know that we already possess the laws we need to govern our lives, they are the Constitution, The Bill Of Rights and the Bible.

Robert L. Davis, Neboville TN

Patriots, you must understand that quotes like this one from James Madison are classic examples of why obama his 32 czars and muslim brotherhood followers are intent of destroying the middle class here in America; and repalcing them with illegal-aliens and students dumbed-down by commom core. Rise up America and take our country back from the progressives who intend to radically reform it.

Robert L. Davis, Neboville TN

Locke's insistence that the individual possessed God-given rights of which no government could deprive him is echoed in the first paragraph of the Declaration Of Independence. The writings of Locke were widely considered by the founding fathers or America and they formed their new government.

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