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Sandy, Huntington BeachSandy, Huntington Beach
Sandy, Huntington Beach

Yes, the UN and our Government wants to not only disarm us, strip our defense system and shrink the military, but do away with borders! Why would any Government go along with that? Wake up America! Why do you vote for people who are nothing but ACTORS who are NOT who you think they are- who only say anything you want to hear but DO the Opposite!

Sandy, Huntington Beach

If we do not learn from history then we are doomed to repeat it! My hope and faith is not in man but in our Creator - as HE will not fail us but man always has and will continue to do so!

Sandy, Huntington Beach

My grandmother left Russia before Communism took over and never saw her mother and sisters again so all you dumkofs that want this form of oppressive government are what my father would say "Idiots"!

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