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Santosh, kolkata,indiaSantosh, kolkata,india
Santosh, kolkata,india

Well Well, "White race",Seems pretty good notion.But I am sure that non of you racial guys have ever lost your near and dear ones in war or conflict.If you would have then I am sure that no one would dare to make any such comment like saving white race and bla bla.I do agree that Hitler was a great leader but one thing must be considered when projecting oneself as superior -We are not designed to kill each other.It is the white race who have invented lethal weapons and guns and they are supplying it all around the world for the sake of money.And ultimately it is coming like a Boomerang on them only.Today all the guns and bombs used by terrorist are made by whites.God have given you guys such a beautiful mind and strong body.Then why don't you use it for peaceful purposes.Please try to stop this otherwise you guys will be ruined first. Please don't let a third world war happen.Let me remind you that Hitler or his henchmen had not lost any of his family member in war.

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