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A Civil War is when one group is trying to take over the government, what happen in 1860's was a war of independence

Scott, Hawaii

The Democratic and Republican party are, by and large, both owned by the same people. Audit the Fed! A return to Constitutional constraints will put big Federal government out of business.

Scott, Hawaii

"..and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands..." Our nation was founded as a Republic for a very good reason, and that is because democracies historically fail BECAUSE they are at the whim of the people to change on the basis of popular opinion or mood. A government based on the rule of law NOT prone to flippant change by the majority, is the protection needed for our life and property and is vital to our nation's long term prosperity. Scott P.S. The Constitution of our Republic provides protection from the excesses of the Federal government (with its democratic system of governance) and protection for private property by the rule of law. Those protections under our Constitution are being ignored in this Republic as we speak. This is due largely to the apathy and ignorance of the sovereign Citizens of the Republic which, by guile, have voluntarily become the (lower case c) citizens of the Federal government, a seemingly subtle but in fact significant change in lawful status. Hence the popular confusion about being a democracy, when in fact we were founded to be a republic. Want more? Start here, google video: Overview of America.

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