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Susan, E. Moriches, NYSusan, E. Moriches, NY
Susan, E. Moriches, NY

I think you are generalizing religion of all forms into some misguided recent image of conformity. Belief in God is not an abdication of belief in science, society or other valuable inteligence. But just because we humans have come to a greater understanding of physical history, science, culture and a variety of religious beliefs doesn't negate the desire of Man to have faith in a higher being. Or that that higher being has a place in this world and a place in the conciousness of this world. Shame on you for disparinging the faith of countless centuries of Men and Women of all faiths and of all times past and present! It is up to the individual to decide their own faith. Talk to me again when you have your "moment of Glory". You may learn something someday. Until that time. Don't hate faith. It isn't yours to take or give. So what if you don't believe in God. So what if you do. It is your choice alone. Let everyman have personal choice. Nobody can make another person believe in their heart of hearts what they don't want to believe. Your judgement is excactly what this quote speaks against! Read it again and again. Individual choice. Freedom. Individual thought. Freedom.

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