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This sounds like great poetry but I think he failed to add that your liberty ends at every others nose, and the space in between is a no mans land. Your liberty diminishes the further away from your nose and the closer it is to others. It is like air and water. The deeper you go into the ocean the less oxygen there is and the higher you go into the atmosphere the less oxgen there is . Somewhere in the middle from 100 to 50 feet below the surface of the water to 5,000 feet above life flourishes. Maybe liberty needs the same kind of balancing act between the ME idea and the OTHER(S) idea. I don't think the construction of this quote is that great.

Wafler, Smith

Right on Eric! People hate those who are free and speak their mind. Look how so many jump on my case because I don't walk in some right wing straight jacket. Cal expresses the straight jacket mentality well: he wants everything written down and absolute, now is that FREEDOM?

Wafler, Smith

We have been engaged in the suppressing of the freedom of the Taliban to suppress the freedom of the Afghans to shave, send their daughters to school etcetera for 8 years now. I don't see that suppression ending for a long time. I think this quote, sucks. On the one hand it may be absolutely true on the other hand some suppression of freedom is absolutely necessary. The quote is the epitome of quotes that appear to say something important but actually just inflame the passions without any connection to reason or logic.

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