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“Those who suppress freedom always do so in the name of law and order.”

~ John V. Lindsay

The City, by John V. Lindsay, 1969

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cal, lewisville, tx

The ole surrender of freedom for security or is it the fox guarding the henhouse!

J Carlton, Calgary

No greater excuse for tyranny has ever been given than For the Good of the People...

Mike, Norwalk

Again, compelled compliance, license, victimless crimes, larceny with impunity are always perpetrated with the best intentions; after all - they're from the government and they're here to help. Those eliminating freedom and liberty in the name of law and order, are now acting under color of righteousness through their unlawful chaotic fascist theocracy.

jim k, austin

A perfect quote that says it all.

Phineas Barnum, Bethel CT

It's the old bait and switch, and we fall for it every time.

Mike, Norwalk

Current suppression isn't even claiming law anymore. By way of example: Chrysler's reorganization was done contrary to law - doling out to secured bond holders what ever was left; and, the Czars get to make it up as they go.

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RBESRQ    6/15/09

Excellent! The Patriot Act was or is a good example (Homeland security). When will we learn that war only creates more war - the road to Freedom is found through understanding and understanding is only found when ignorance pales in comparrison.

Justin, Elkland

Not true. Sometimes suppressors of freedom do it in the name of "fairness" and sometimes in the name of financial security. RBESRQ - War most certaily does not create more war. War amongst different societies is an inevitablility. A society may try to chose when and where battles will occur or forstall them as long as possible if it choses. Irreconcilable conflict will always arise between people with conflicting worldviews. Our war against Naziism didn't result in endless war but rather the near eradication of that doctorine from western civilization.

Wafler, Smith

We have been engaged in the suppressing of the freedom of the Taliban to suppress the freedom of the Afghans to shave, send their daughters to school etcetera for 8 years now. I don't see that suppression ending for a long time. I think this quote, sucks. On the one hand it may be absolutely true on the other hand some suppression of freedom is absolutely necessary. The quote is the epitome of quotes that appear to say something important but actually just inflame the passions without any connection to reason or logic.

Ken, Allyn, WA

Only the dishonest politicians suppress freedom in the name of law and order. The honest crook suppresses freedom in the name of personal profit.

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    RBESRQ    6/16/09

    Justin, read your history books WWll was responsible for another 20 million or more deaths. War onlys wins when there is no victor - don't you see that?

    E Archer, NYC

    Whether from the left or the right, this call to 'law and order' has always been the motto of those seeking power.

    warren, olathe

    False. Those that suppress freedom use any excuse available to them. True for the current administration in particular. Any time that we feel our security is at risk we expect to be protected and the outcome will always be less liberty. As our founders knew, our form of government is only fit to govern a moral populace. Our increasing movement towards a police state is due, in part, to our steady march away from being a moral society. The liberty lost due to foreign threats work the same way. We cry that our liberty is lost to things like the patriot act but we expect to be defended. Does any one think that the president has a magic wand and can stop all of this crap with out taking any action that would affect us? I am amazed that the patriot act was as successful as it was with as little loss of freedom as it cost us. This quote sounds good but simply is not true. Law and order is only one of many excuses used by leaders. Currently the excuses are "change", "economic justice", "redistributive rights", "fairness", etc. Our freedom is under attack and the last thing Obama is actually concerned about is law and order.

    warren, olathe

    Good Justin. War can be the result of many things. Peace often is only obtainable through victory. "Understanding" often is seen as weakness by some, and actually can and does lead to war. The best way to avoid war is to have superior fire power. Diplomacy can only work when you have and are willing to use force when necessary

    Gilbert Jones, Glendale, Ca.

    Friends, a second 'Continental Congress' is being formed as we speak, i.e. the first was held by the Founders in 1774, 75, and 76. The organizers spearheading this is They are gathering three delegates from each state to attend the "Continental Congress 2009" in November. This Congress will weigh the options and emerge with a plan. From 1995 to the present they have petitioned (appropriate government officials) for redress -- and got zip/zero response. Time to move on!! In talking with others have you experienced frustration with the lack of consolidation of all the like-minded groups? To reach critical mass we need about 15 million people on the same page. This Congress could be that rallying point for all the like-minded groups for they are doing it legally per the Constitution. Should the result of this Congress be a line in the sand, should the socialist/communist not respond to the result appropriately then let the shooting begin. We'll be able to say we were true to our Liberty/Freedom/Constitution while the rest of the world watches this drama unfold as well. We're all in this life boat together, shouldn't be to hard to spot, on both sides of the isle, the ones with oars and the ones with augers. Semper Fi P.S. As expected, the "Continental Congress 2009" is not reported in the media. Pass it along, keep up the momentum!!

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    Susan    11/6/12
    jim k, austin tx

    Nixon started "The War on Drugs" under the banner of law and order and to get elected. This was undoubtably the worst thing he ever did. Watergate pales in comparison to this so called War on Drugs.

    Tony, Sandpoint

    Lindsay must have been enduring an election year.

    Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

    Those who offer us freedom do so in the name of reasonable responsibility.


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