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Reston: it would be similar if you took your software from another producer and than "sold" it back to him at interest... he than resales the software and you continue to charge the interst from everyone who uses it

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Right...In the case of Kennedy it was executive order #11110: an issuance of silver certificates into circulation.

al, washington dc

The federal reserve "system" is unconstitutionally created debt trust created by the private banking families to control the nation through debt and artifically created boom and bust cycles. It is a private trust whose stock is non tranferable: tyranny!

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At least they (Warburg, Morgenthau, Kissinger) speak the "truth" amongst each other; the Tragedy is most Americans think world events are "naturally" occuring events not contrived horrors to shock citizens into a "New" reality...

Al, washington DC

This State Department memo represents Republican (Bush's) foreign policy, and the Democratic party, internally. Both sides work to promote the "open Conspiracy" . Prediction: the democrats re-take the congress in 06 and in 07 we begin to realize a draft:Mission Accomplished!

al, washington DC

Rep. Lindbergh wrote a great book: Banking and Currency and the Money Trust... A book which was burned and is very hard to find; details the underhanded influence of the monied interest in keeping the nation in debt, to them!

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The Congress shall have power to coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin and fix the Standard of Measures... Artcile 1 section 8 United States Constituion Lincoln, unlike todays citizens understands the role of government and money in a free republic!!! It is the reason he died!

al, washington dc

too bad he did not realize this while as governor of New Jersey he was the point man in lobbying in support of the National Banking Act; his leadership was invaluable to the banking trust in misleading the Amercian people in 1913...

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