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fearlessleader, Satsuma

I tried to verify that this is a false quote by Adolf Hitler. Several searches turned up nothing, either way.

fearlessleader, Satsuma

Whether you liked Hitler or not, you have to admit he was a very influencial leader. We can't even get Congress to agree to what day it is, but he had masses doing intricate padgentry at his speeches. I have studied him and understand some of his motives. In his mind, he was saving the world. He wasn't of the Judea/Christian faith, so those people would not understand easily, but he felt the Jews were from an alien race that was trying to "water down" the Aryan race and their ledgendary abilities. Some of his way of thinking is making a comeback in the Democratic Party. First they must remove our guns. There is a very good video called (I think) The Occult History of the Third Reich. Make no mistake. In order for another such regime, especially on US soil, they must take away our guns. When this happened in Europe, they had America to lean on for help. When it happens in America, THERE WILL BE NO ONE TO WHICH TO TURN! Vote wisely. Any polititian who supports the Assualt Weapon Ban, is probably an enemy of the state.

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